So yesterday, her highness got together with two friends and went to some kind of “Expo” thing. As I understand it, it was a bunch of booths with art, wine, crafts, cider, food,whiskey, rum, and even dog treats. Apparently though, there were more booths featuring alcohol than dog treats… All the goods were made in the maritimes and were great for Christmas shopping. But more on the booths in a minute…

There were also dog displays – including a local group demonstrating agility. AND there was even a sheep dog demo.

One of her highness’s friends is owned by Shelties. So she was interested in the demo being a herding human. Her other friend, Glenda is owned by Bernese – and she likes anything dog – so she was also interested in the demo.

They all watched with interest as several herding machines aka Border Collies worked the sheep. One was only 10 months old- and CLEARLY knew what to do. When the man who was doing the demo was asked if he ever trained any other breeds, his response was “Are there other breeds?” I’m thinking that he would not have been impressed with my herding instinct test where I sat like a stuffed dog in the center of the pen and never moved. On the other hand, he MIGHT find the FG interesting….

Anyway, her highness did feel guilty about leaving us for the afternoon, (even though Anna came by and gave me my meds and let us out. ) So she HAD to buy something from a dog vendor. She bought some yummy dried beef liver. She noted some dried capelin in the booth, but said she wasn’t sure one of her dogs would eat it. The woman said “here are a few samples – try it out.”

Her highness happily took the stinky, dried fish.

When she got home, we were excited to see her – even though Anna had just been here less than an hour before.

To appease her appropriate sense of guilt, she immediately pulled out the treats. She gave each of us a dried capelin. Einstein and I sniffed them for .06 seconds and promptly ate them. As predicted, the FG dropped his. And stared at it. Einstein and I tried to steal it, but her highness put us in the hallway to give the FG a chance to try it. He stared at it. He tossed it. He rolled on it. And then he got up and walked away from it. The decision: the FG is currently eating his meals and even treats like blueberries. But he draws the line at tiny dried fish. And her highness didn’t mind because frankly, the vision of those crunchy pieces of seafood did not appear that appealing to her either.

Einstein and I were happy because we got a few more samples. We PONs will eat ANYTHING.

Today we have a lazy day planned. Except of course for guard duty…It appears we ate all the capelin samples – but not to worry- there is still a bag of beef liver.

Seriously. Life is good.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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