A funeral

On Monday, her highness wanted to attend the funeral of the mother of a dear friend. The only challenge was that the funeral was in a town 3 hours away.

She had checked to see if Anna could come by after school to let us out and give me my pills- but since the funeral was scheduled at 2, she wasn’t sure she would make it back for my supper time meds. And she hasn’t shown Anna how to do that. She knew that Einstein and the FG could wait a bit for supper – but not me.

So the only solution? Road trip for yours truly.

Einstein and the FG looked a bit shocked as I got into Ludwig. They initially assumed I was headed for the vet – until they saw that her highness had a ziplock bag with food, a jug of water, a ziplock bag of medications and my food bowl. Clearly this was no vet visit. She gave the surprised duo some extra treats, and off we went.

Unfortunately, her highness made a mistake. She put the crate in the back, and put me behind it. For some crazy reason she thought she would let me be free for part of the ride. Big mistake. Before we made it off our road I had managed to bend my body around the crate and I was making my attempt to get into the passenger seat. I like to see where I’m going. One quick stop and I was ushered into the crate. Party over.

I did get to go out for several short walks, so I saw a bit of the province that I had never visited before.

The funeral ended just in time for my 3 o’clock meds. If you’re wondering- I stayed in the vehicle during the funeral. The temperatures are nice and cool now – and her highness also left the windows open. Taking me into the chapel would not have been a good idea. For obvious, reasons not the least of which is the fact that peeing on pews is frowned upon.

After the funeral, her highness went to the reception for a bit, and then I got to go for another short walk before we headed home.

She stopped for gas at 7- and got my meal time meds ready. She parked in a dark corner of the gas station lot, hoping nobody was watching her measure out syringes of my liquid meds. Picture the scene….I was secretly hoping a police car would have come along- just to hear her tell my story.

All in all, it was a good day. The other two stooges were let out by Anna – and they survived getting their supper a bit late. Mind you, it’s not like the FG cares.

Time for my morning constitutional. And MAYBE we will get to go to the fenced baseball field – it reopened to dogs on November 1. Something tells me that it won’t be all three of us at once though….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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