He’s back

Well it’s official. Einstein is back to being himself -110%.

On Sunday, her highness examined his incisions and deemed that he could officially go coneless. There was much barking, jumping and rejoicing. By her highness.

Yesterday morning, though, she decided she would still do one more walk with me and the FG together. She figured Einstein would be 2 weeks to the day since his surgery – and starting today, he could go back to his full routine. So yesterday would be my last morning walk with zig zag.

I’m here to tell you that Einstein had other plans. As her highness opened the door to let me and the FG out (on leash of course), out of nowhere, Einstein bolted around her and out the door. He has never done this during the previous two weeks of his recuperation. Her highness shouted “Frodo you get back here.” He stopped, looked over his shoulder and trotted away. Meanwhile, the FG and I are standing there staring in disbelief. I mean this is the “good dog.” Her highness must have said, FRODO here,” about 38 times- breaking the primary rule of dog obedience training – which states you don’t keep calling when you KNOW we are not going to respond. Einstein trotted part way up the driveway and stopped to smell something. He then ceremoniously turned around to face her highness (and two fascinated canines) and promptly had a big pee. He then kicked his back legs, to add a finishing touch and trotted back to her highness- who happened to have a treat in her hand. She debated whether or not to give it to him – but caved – and ushered him into the house.

Zig zag and I then went on our merry way. I must say that with the time change, it’s nice to be walking without a headlamp. But the new daylight scenario made the FG even MORE crazy on our walk. I call it Time Change Fever. Actually, both of us were a little more crazy than usual. As a result, her highness shortened our walk. She was not thrilled about being dragged down the road. Spoil sport.

We came back and she took Einstein out. They took a trail down to the lake and her highness snapped some photos of the misty lake. Einstein sniffed around and then happily posed for some shots- he was just so happy to be out for a walk that extended beyond the backyard.

I cannot tell you how overjoyed her highness is that Einstein is feeling better. It’s been a rough couple of weeks – I hadn’t even mentioned that I had two seizures a week and a half ago. Just to add a little drama to the mix. That’s why we are thankful for every drama-free day we have. Much as we love our vet, we hope to stay away from that place for the rest of the year. Or at least the rest of this week!

And on that happy note – tune in tomorrow when I’ll tell you about my trip to a funeral. Yup – I went to a funeral. And a looooong road trip….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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