Urky gurkies

What’s the one sound that can make any human (even the most sound sleeper), wake up faster than a sprinter at the start line of a race? The sound, that to two PONs in this house, signals an unexpected jackpot- like a win at the casino when you only had one coin to spend? The sound that is almost akin to the sound of kibble being placed in our bowls. Or the sound of the treat jar opening. What’s the sound which happens in the dark of night that causes lights to be thrown on and humans to jump out of bed? Why the unique and deadly sound of the urky gurkies. That’s my name for them. The sound we dogs make before we are about to throw up.

We dogs love it. Humans not so much. And we heard it the night before last.

On Wednesday, the FG decided he was doing one of his occasional fast days. It’s that Picard thing. He doesn’t do it all that often now- but every now and then he decides he is not eating – like some kind of cleansing ritual. It’s a concept that to us PONs is so foreign- it’s more frightening than any Halloween costume. (Speaking of which we only had 5 kids come to visit. Her highness will be able to grumble about eating Halloween treats until mid-November. And then the after- effects for 4 years.). But I digress.

The FG was fine – but he didn’t eat all day. He was happy, trying at every chance to give Sue kisses. He was totally himself. And when he announced his fast, her highness just ignored it. She no longer stresses if he doesn’t want to eat. She knows he will the next day.

Anyway, when one doesn’t eat, though, sometimes one gets a buildup of gases because one has an empty stomach. At least that’s my observation.

So at 3AM, the FG was comfortably sleeping in his pony sized crate- with the door open. Einstein was on her highness’s bed and I was next to the bed.

And suddenly, that horror sound to humans which is music to canine ears, erupted from the crate. Einstein and I rushed to the crate door, with her highness flying off the bed. I tried to throw myself ahead of Einstein who growled to get me out of the way. Meanwhile, the FG barfed up bile. Just bile. No food. Just bile. Still we PONs wanted to clean it up – but her highness, in one swoop grabbed both of our collars and pulled us back through the entrance to the crate. She pulled the FG out, trying to get him to avoid stepping in the puddle and somehow she did it. She closed the crate door while she went to get paper towel – leaving me and Einstein to stare inside. While the FG stared at us. The joys of late night pukes.

Sue is leaving us today. We are going to miss her! Not only did she give us lots of hugs and pats – but she also brought us toys!! Very cool fetch toys! One for each of us. We loved them – but because the destruction team will destroy them if left alone with them, we need to be supervised while playing with them. It was so nice of Sue to think of us. We wish she could stay longer. But I guess she needs to get home to Scout, her almost 2 year old PON. He’s a typically brilliant PON. He can open doors, climb fences and he knows that if he goes to his crate when told, he will get a treat. So sometimes he just goes in and sits and stares at his humans – letting them know he’s waiting for a treat. Sounds like a smart guy.

Anyway, we will miss the company- as will her highness. But her highness never has to worry about being lonely- we’re great company. Even at 3 in the morning….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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