Happy Halloween

Yeah yeah. The holiday we have anxiously been waiting for. Not. The time when animals are openly tortured by being made to wear horrible attire. I’m calling animal control.

I must confess, we didn’t have to endure total humiliation by wearing a full costume. Just the dreaded headbands and some lights. And keep in mind – we get LOTS of treats during these exercises. The lights were not bad – and even the FG smirked a bit. The headbands? Well didn’t her highness think she was being clever by dressing us as jesters. Ha ha. Einstein and I cooperated a bit – but as soon as you put a headband on the FG, he looks like you took away his fetch toy.

In addition to spending hard earned money on jester headbands (which would have been better spent on treats) , her highness thought cats would be cute too. Admittedly they were tiger and leopard prints, but seriously- they are CATS. The group shot is pretty sad…Just look at me…

The FG was lucky – you could hardly see the ears on him. I was totally annoyed with this get up. She tried to get a close up….and I do look better here..

The FG refused- I mean REFUSED – to look at her. Here is a shot during one of the chaotic attempts. I’m having major wardrobe malfunction because I had just been chewing on the leaves to my left…Einstein is also starting to have a problem and the FG is still ignoring the camera.

During an individual shot, Einstein was initially cooperative.

But he has his limits…

So we survived the headbands. BUT her highness had actually planned OTHER costumes for us. And she bought three of them. The thing is…these required modifications. And we know how handy she is when it comes to certain projects. She decided to take shots with Einstein first. And he fully cooperated. But it was an epic fail. So thankfully, the FG and I were spared the opportunity to participate. This is probably the best photo of them all…..

That’s it for this year. Now we get to watch her highness continue eating the Halloween treats that she bought for 50 kids. Remember- we usually get 6 on a good year….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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