She’s been cleaning. AGAIN. How bad could this place have become since the last clean-a-thon that was completed on Saturday?! OK. Don’t answer that. Yesterday her highness looked at the dining room – and saw multiple leaves. Scattered everywhere. You can’t even see them all in the photo because we are sitting on them. So I guess I DO understand why she is cleaning. But really- it’s a losing battle.

Anyway – she was cleaning because we are getting COMPANY today!!!! And this is very cool – because her highness met this friend several years ago – through the net!!! She’s a PON person and she read my blog. And lo and behold – she and her highness are both in the healthcare field – in the area of communication. Her highness’ area was speech – and her friend, Sue works in the area of hearing. Both professions speech-language pathology and audiology work closely – and in graduate school, are both in the same programs – with two different streams. Anyway, her highness and Sue have been meeting for several years now at the annual conference in the US. And now Sue is speaking at a conference HERE- so today, after it’s over- she is coming to visit with us!!!! We’ve never had a PON person stay with us. Sure – lots of dog humans. But no PON humans. So Sue knows what to expect. She is prepared. She is used to badness. She won’t have to sign the waiver.

She has a PON puppy, Scout, who I am anxious to learn more about. I hear he’s a busy guy. (But of course he is.)

Well let me see if I can bring in a few more leaves before she puts the vacuum away. Like I said, it’s a losing battle. I think Sue will understand.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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