Fall photo fiasco

Well we knew it was inevitable. After all, Halloween is only a few days away. When we heard her highness rumbling around in the garage, we knew it had something to do with that Dollar Store bag she brought home a few weeks ago. The dreaded Halloween attire.

She decided to try and get photos of us outdoors. She loaded up her pockets with extra tasty treats and out we went.

I’m here to tell you the the FG and I could not have been less cooperative. We had a pact. We would NOT look at the camera at the same time. In addition, we did a variety of other things. If her highness said to lie down, the FG would sit. And not move. If she said sit, he would lie down. Meanwhile yours truly was chewing on anything I could. Pumpkins. Leaves. Mud. Attire.

While the two of us were driving her to sheer madness, Einstein happily did whatever she asked. And he smiled the whole time. Mind you, at one point even HE began to rebel. He got tired of putting his head on a pumpkin- and he began rolling back and forth in the leaves. So much for limited activity post-surgery.

After struggling to keep headgear attire on all three of us, her highness conceded defeat and took some photos without attire. In the one above, it looks like the FG’s head is photoshopped in. Or it looks like he was buried in leaves. Which he wasn’t.

Here are the best shots she could get.

Note the only happy dog
2/3 happy faces
Before he rebelled
He’s looking at the camera!

The following are less impressive shots…

Nobody looks happy
Post-roll protest
He quit

She actually DID manage to get a few photos with obligatory headgear. You’ll have to wait a few more days to see the results.

I wonder if the neighbors could hear the pleading, the weird sounds and the eventual off color language throughout the exercise. I think I saw her checking her blood pressure when it was over….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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