Birthday boy wants new home

Here it is. After 6PM and I am finally getting her highness to type my blog. The day is almost over – and between a Halloween party, out of town company, oh and a few vet visits- her highness FORGOT to look at the calendar. And what DAY is it? Why it’s my BIRTHDAY.

It wasn’t until she saw a posting by one of the more perceptive humans who happens to be owned by two of my brothers, that she REALIZED what day it was. I was NOT impressed. She apologized repeatedly and then, in an effort to make things better, rushed off to the pet store to buy me some extra special treats. But not before stopping at some party store to get me a new party hat. Oh joy. The only good thing is that the day is all most over so I don’t have to wear it long. And of course she doled out multiple treats to get the photo. She felt so guilty. Seriously- HOW could she forget the date. I’m looking for a new home.

A home where I get plenty to eat. Where all my medications are available and delivered on time. A place where I can chase the occasional bunny. A place where I can sleep in a human bed. A place where there are other dogs for company. A place where the human takes me for multiple walks each day. A place where there is minimal grooming….

OK. OK. I guess I already HAVE most of that. I could go for less grooming, but then again, I guess a stinky matted coat really wouldn’t be all that great.

I’ll forgive her this time. Because she DID buy me sweet potato chews…and some other biscuits. I’ll cut her some slack. Besides, Christmas is coming…

Happy number 8 to me!!!!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “Birthday boy wants new home

    1. Happy Birthday Victor!! My mum loves reading your blog…hope the days wasn’t a total washout.
      Licks and paws up


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