The vet check

Einstein had his vet appointment yesterday. Her highness left him in the car while she waited for the vet to be available. She watched the zombies in the waiting area, and held her breath on several occasions when there were uncontrolled “dog greetings.” She was glad Einstein was in the car. She figured he would not appreciate other dogs staring at his cone.

The vet was very pleased with the fact that his incision looked so good – given that he had only had surgery four days before. It was still a challenge to look at “the area” – and he remains “sensitive” about having the area touched. But all in all, the vet was pleased and said in another week to ten days they could either come in again, or her highness could email the vet a photo. Good luck getting THAT shot.

He continues to milk this whole thing as best he can. He has managed to convince her highness that he MUST come in the DFZ if she is in there. He has never pawed at the gate before – but since she let him in the other day, he now feels it is his RIGHT to stay in there.

Her highness has been cleaning the house for two days so we figured something is up. We heard through the grapevine that many of the neighbors on our road are doing a house to house kind of party tonight- and our place is on the circuit. I was hoping the other dogs on the road would come too – but apparently this is a human party. Trust me – Einstein will be sure to remind everyone that dogs should have been included. Wonder if we will have free range. Unlikely as I hear there will be food – and let’s face it, our begging manners are not our most appealing traits.

Well time for another walk with you know who. I’m used to walking with Einstein – and I know the drill. When one of us poops – we all need to wait during the pick up. The FG is used to walking on his own – so he’s not used to waiting for another dog’s pick up. I must have heard her highness say “WAIT” at least 26 times yesterday. Maybe he’ll figure it out today. Nah. I doubt it. He’s too busy zig zagging….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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