He’s home. And dramatic.

The good news? Einstein survived his surgery. The bad news? He is going to kill the rest of us.

All went well with his surgery. BUT he is on a super restricted activity level. He can only go out for a pee on leash. And back in. The surgical area was tricky to repair. So he can’t take any chance that he injures himself. As for the procedure itself….He was not keen on them giving him the anesthesia. He probably didn’t like the needle in his leg. No surprise. He squealed when her highness attempted to brush his head before he went to the vet.

It’s interesting to see the household dynamic when one of the pack is missing. The FG and I were rather out of sorts all day while he was gone. Einstein is the household moderator, first alert canine and the dog with the most opinions on things. Which he boldly proclaims. Loudly. And frequently. The house was very quiet without him.

He was in moderate discomfort last night – but that was to be expected. We knew it – so we didn’t even bother him. Honestly- you have NO idea how dramatic he can be.

Her highness’ friend Joanie came over last evening to keep her company. So they ate junk food and had the odd alcoholic beverage. Einstein slept through the whole time. But of course when it was time for his pee before bedtime, he woke up- and the squealing and panting began. Her highness hopes this thing heals quickly. Very quickly.

Thanks to so many who sent good wishes and prayers for his surgery. They worked. And hopefully in no time, he’ll be back to his role as household boss. And we won’t have to listen to his mournful squeals. It was a long night…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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