Surgery Day 2.

Misery loves company. What’s worse than a PON with a cone, who had surgery on his private parts? How about a Saint Bernard with multiple bouts of explosive diarrhea? Seriously. Is not the vision of that enough to make your blood run cold? It could be a wartime weapon of mass destruction.

Poor Dudley. He’s the Saint owned by our friend Marvin. Seems he took a cue from Einstein and decided he wanted to see the interior of an emergency clinic too. All joking aside, we hope he is soon better. Or his family will have to move.

Meanwhile, Einstein has moments of drama – but overall we are seeing a tiny light at the end of the Chunnel. He slept a lot yesterday- although he did take time out to play his favorite game- shower barking. You know that one. You wait until the human has stepped into the shower and then you bark like an army of burglars has invaded your home. But of course, no one is really there. He plays the game very well – on a fairly regular basis. So you know that he’s feeling more like himself.

Yesterday morning, because he couldn’t go on our usual long walk, the FG and I went together. That’s a rare pairing. But it was productive. And her highness didn’t end up in the ditch at the side of the road. So she was happy.

Her highness took like a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon. The woman has no stamina. We need to work on building that up.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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