Surgery day

Today Einstein goes in for his surgery. One of the trickiest parts of the day will be no breakfast for him. He is NOT going to be happy.

He was feeling much better yesterday. Although he definitely still exhibits signs of being uncomfortable. Hopefully this surgery will make him feel all better in a few days. Paws crossed.

Yesterday her highness took the FG downtown for a walk on the boardwalk. She was feeling sorry for him because his partner in crime was not really being allowed to play with him. They actually DID get into one of their barking and rolling acts at one point yesterday, but the exercise police put a stop to that. As I said earlier, Einstein was definitely feeling better.

The FG was so desperate for a playmate, he even tried with yours truly. I’m fine with him, but we don’t really play together the way that he and Einstein do. Yesterday he laid down 2 feet from my face and squeaked to play. I just ignored him. That’s why HE got to go for that walk.

Please keep Einstein in your thoughts today. We’ll be glad when this day is over…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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