Orb Ordeal. Part 87.

So Einstein went to the vet yesterday. He woke up at 4AM and started his moaning and groaning and panting. Her highness managed to semi-ignore him until 4:45 when she got up and took us out. The funny thing is that when he gets moving outside, you wouldn’t know he has anything wrong with him. He trots merrily along – although he has a hard time finding a place to pee because he is reluctant to lift his leg. When he gets home, his appetite is GREAT. He forgets he is uncomfortable when there is food around.

Her highness was skeptical that they would be able to do the laser treatment because he wouldn’t even stay still enough for her to look at his nether regions. He was NOT a happy camper when they pulled up at the vet clinic. Her highness’ dear friend, Joanie happened to be in town and agreed to meet her highness at the clinic – for moral support. Einstein put on the brakes as they went in the clinic door. Once inside, he did a 360 and wanted to head out the door. He was not given the option.

I think the clinic staff was prepared for the circus. One of the technicians who had not been present the day of the last circus, had obviously heard about the spectacle and commented about it. They had probably drawn numbers to see who was going to be involved this time.

Einstein very reluctantly let both vets look at his nether region. I should note that although it is clear he is in pain, he has never, ever once acted aggressively. He has not snapped at anyone. He has not growled – despite the fact that he is clearly uncomfortable.

After both vets tried to get their best look, they agreed that laser would probably not be the best option after all. It could take weeks to heal the site- and after all that wrestling and pain, he could still require surgery. So they recommended just doing that instead. Her highness agreed. So on Monday he will have ablation surgery and he will hopefully be back to normal in a week to ten days. The vets DID witness that when he is doing something else – like getting treats – or looking at other dogs in the waiting room, he does not appear to be in great pain. He even jumps up on her highness for treats. And remember, he is eating well, peeing and pooping fine AND his surgical incision looks PERFECT. It’s the sore area that causes such discomfort – and he could win a dog Academy award for his over the top agonizing performance. Remember- he IS a drama king.

In the meantime, we have to put up with his theatrics. I’m feeling 100% better – so much so that I didn’t even need a cone yesterday. I’m definitely on the mend.

Someone said that if they saw our story on a sitcom they would say it’s too crazy to be true. And we have a whole new meaning for the phrase, “getting your knickers in a twist.” I thought that was funny.

For some reason, Einstein didn’t…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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