Well after all the drama and trauma, we are home. We DID have a good time. Overall. But I think her highness needs a vacation from the vacation.

So when we last left off, you heard that Einstein was hungry after his big surgery. BUT …what I didn’t talk about was the evening after the surgery. Yes- he was hungry. And yes – he ate. BUT- he was miserable. He was squeaking and crying and every time he moved he was moaning and groaning. So here we are – in the middle of nowhere again – and the fog surrounding the cabin is thick as pea soup. Not that I’ve ever actually eaten pea soup – but it’s a think humans say. At midnight, out of desperation, her highness called the emergency number they had given her. She wanted to know if she could give Einstein more pain medication. Unfortunately, the vet said no. The vet suggested a cool compress. Einstein wailed when her highness tried that. The vet said to call back if it didn’t get better.

Two hours of miserable grumbling continued. Now we should keep in mind, that this is the dog who squeaks and moans when you groom him. He’s a drama king for grooming – so IMAGINE when he has had surgery. To remove his…um…private parts. Her highness called the emergency number again. Not because she really thought the vet would have a solution- but because she just wanted to talk to someone. She was also concerned that the people in one of the other rooms of the cabin (it was a four bedroom unit- and Marvin was in one of the other rooms) would be awakened by the noise. The vet again had no suggestions unless her highness wanted to drive two hours back to the clinic – over two mountains in thick fog. That didn’t seem like a reasonable option although for 1/100th of a second she did consider it.

Instead, she carried Einstein down the flight of stairs and took him for a walk. At first, he squealed and sat down and refused to move- but then once she enticed him with a treat- he merrily pranced along. They walked a bit- and then miracle of miracles, he had a poop. Her highness prayed that would be the answer. She came back, carried him up the stairs, put him in the room and took me out. There weren’t many other guests out at 2:30 AM. No surprise there. We came back in the room, and found that Einstein had jumped on the bed, and was all comfy cozy. Her highness didn’t want to move him- so she quietly lay down sideways on the bed – with her clothes on – and they both fell asleep. Mind you, every time I walked around, or Einstein changed his position on the bed – she woke up. It was another long night.

On Sunday we drove along a scenic route and while her highness and Marvin had planned to do some hiking, that idea went out the window. They couldn’t leave us alone in the vehicle together- for fear I might lick Einstein’s incision. Even though he was wearing a special body suit and a lampshade. But you know us PONs – we can work our way into anything- so her highness didn’t want to leave us alone for any length of time. And she couldn’t take us – because the vet had recommended no long hikes. So the humans had to resort to lots of picture taking. And EVERY time they left us – for literally less than 3 minutes- yours truly would climb over the barricade they had created – and I would snuggle down on the floor of the driver’s side or the passenger side. The first time it happened, they got out to take a few shots and when they came back and looked for us in the car, her highness’ heart began to panic because she couldn’t see me. Then she found me. She dragged me out of my hiding place and put me in the back of the vehicle with cone head. But not to worry – EVERY time they stopped, I did it again. Einstein never did it – he wouldn’t fit through the barricade with the cone.

On Monday, we headed for home, but not before they had to stop at her highness’ favorite sea glass beach. They didn’t want to leave us in Ludwig – so her highness took Einstein and Marvin took me. We knew that Einstein was definitely feeling better – as he started barking at people on the beach. After all, he had been there for 10 minutes – so he now owned the place.

When we stopped to pick up the FG on the way home – he was SO happy to see us. Although when he realized what had happened to Einstein, he said he was glad he didn’t go along. He was nervous it could have happened to him. When he got in the vehicle, Einstein quickly informed him that there would be absolutely no sniffing of his surgical site. Really- no sniffing of anything. I sat on the floor by Marvin’s feet for the ride home- and the FG, who was now afraid of even glancing at cone head, squeaked and squealed for the hour drive home. Her highness was NEVER so happy to pull in our driveway.

Today, Marvin will be leaving. We are sad to see him go- he was pretty darn tolerant of us canine clowns – and all the drama of what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend. We hope we didn’t scare him off from visiting again sometime. Now he gets to return home to his family including his canine kids -,Dudley the Saint Bernard and Tucker the Boxer. Actually, from the stories I overheard this week – we are not the ONLY bad dogs in the world. No wonder he was so tolerant…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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