Road trip. And veterinary drama.

Friday morning, her highness got up early – so we knew something was going on. Frankly, we had seen her suitcase – so we knew that some travel was coming. But to be completely honest, we didn’t know it would involve us! Well – some of us.

When her highness travels with us – she jokes that our bags are bigger than hers. And they are. When she travels, not only does she have to pack our medications, food, bowls, water, rain coats and brushes – should we need to suddenly enter a dog show- but she also packs sheets, to cover beds and furniture, towels and cleaning supplies. We need a suitcase just for our stuff.

We watched her load the car, and frankly thought that the sitter should be arriving any minute. Imagine our shock when she said “get in.” We drove about an hour and then made a stop at Aunt Glenda’s place. The FG is staying there. Aunt Glenda loves him – and her highness said it would be too much of a gong show to take all three of us on the road. So the FG happily greeted Aunt Glenda, and off we went – to Cape Breton to see the fall foliage.The colors – according to her highness and Marvin were quite brilliant. Einstein and I didn’t care- we just wanted to go on the hiking trails. And hike we did! We had a lovely time.

And all was right with the world – until we got back to the cabin where we are staying. And that’s when Einstein started acting weird. It was evident that his private area was bothering him. Remember the time he scraped that area – and he was all upset about it? Deja Vu. We are staying in a cabin at a resort in the middle of no where. So her highness spent half of her dinner trying to find the closest vet. We were about 6 hours from home. And the closest vet was over a mountain and about 1.5 hours away.

Well Saturday morning, after a night of no sleep, we headed out to the closest vet. Einstein barely wanted to eat in the morning- so you KNOW if a PON isn’t eating- things are serious. It just so happened we were having a terribly rainy day. Her highness called the 24 hour vet line and told them we were coming. The clinic opened at 9:00. We arrived at 9:02. And big surprise- there was no vet there! Why the answering service neglected to mention that fact and why the website on the clinic says they are open 9-12 on Saturdays we don’t know. I guess they are open to sell dog food….

Anyway, the next closest clinic was another hour away. So off we went to that one. The vet took one look at Einstein’s private parts and said he needed emergency neuter surgery. Her highness’ heart fell. The vet said that it really shouldn’t wait – and he would do it right then. It was just before noon. He said Einstein would be ready to go back to where we were staying at 4:00. Her highness reluctantly passed him the leash.

While Einstein was having surgery, we drove around in the rain. We actually went to a pet store- where I got some biscuits. Her highness knew I was feeling out of sorts with all the excitement- so I got lots of attention. And treats.

We picked up Einstein at 4:00. He was still drowsy, but the vet said everything went perfectly. There had been a torsion in his testicles (he would kill me for telling this) – but there was nothing else suspicious or odd. No unusual masses or tumors. So that was a huge relief. Einstein was of course, rather sore – and to top it off – it was pouring rain. He was not a happy camper. Marvin drove Ludwig back through the storm – over two mountains and through many dicey road conditions- while her highness sat in the back with us. Einstein squeaked and moaned when he got out of the vehicle- her highness lifted him out. Of course as she turned her back for 1/100th of a second he jumped back in the vehicle. She carried him out again and carried him up the 8 steps to the cottage where we were staying. When she came in – she went to feed us. Suddenly the forlorn, achy, miserable PON came to life. She was told he could have his supper – and he didn’t hesitate for one second when his bowl was put down. That’s when her highness knew he would be OK.

The vet had said we could continue on with our holiday – as long as Einstein doesn’t overdo anything. So he’ll be relaxing lots.

We are staying at a different place tonight- and then we head home tomorrow.

As we always say – never a dull moment. And let’s face it – Marvin is having a vacation he will never, ever forget. Miserable dogs and white knuckle chauffeuring. What an interesting combo. Anyone else want to come and stay with us?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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