Well it’s October 11 and it’s also National Love Your Hair Day. All of us canines in this house love each other’s hair. Sometimes a bit too much. Right now Einstein is sporting gross, chewed pink feet – compliments of his own bad licking habit, and the chewing of his stylist Picardy sidekick. Her highness has to battle to touch Einstein’s feet to trim his nails, yet he will literally allow the FG to gnaw the hair on his feet. Her highness is mortified with the way they look. She warned Einstein that she is going to “fix” the mess that his stylist made. She also said something about the fact that we are ALL going to be groomed today – because we are “going somewhere” tomorrow. Hope it’s not just another trip to the gas station or the mailbox.

And speaking of hair, I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but her highness is a mat freak. What I mean is that she freaks out if she finds a mat in our hair. It’s almost as dramatic as finding a tick on us. She MUST whisk us into the grooming torture palace (aka garage) hoist us onto the grooming table where she attacks the offensive mat. She despises mats….keep that in mind…

So yesterday, after we all had long walks and breakfast, she and Marvin took a drive to admire the fall colors and take 468 pumpkin photos. Better pumpkins than us. Anyway, they stopped in one town to take some photos of some scarecrows. Her highness was snapping away when she noticed a big fluffy dog. So you know she had to say hello. The dog looked kind of like a fuzzy large version of a bearded collie or maybe a small Old English Sheepdog. But she wasn’t sure- so she asked the owner what kind of dog it was. I think I might have heard her scream from 80 km away. It was a Bernerdoodle. I have talked about the doodle debacle before – so I won’t get into it again. Suffice to say, her highness was shocked but tried to maintain her composure. She petted the 7 month old jolly pup. The owner proudly announced that the dog “doesn’t shed.” Meanwhile her highness is internally holding back a trembling sensation and biting her cheeks to keep from saying anything. She pets the doodle with both hands and discovers HUGE mats behind his ears and under his chin. Of course she can no longer stay quiet – so she blurts out “Gee- he has a few mats in his shed-free coat.” “Oh yes,” the woman replies, “ his coat is awful.”

At that point her highness smiled, shoved her fist in her mouth and walked away. As the doodle dragged the woman across the field. Wonder how many thousands she paid for that shed-free friend….We would be more than happy to help style that hair for him…

So today there is grooming on the agenda. And her highness said something about “packing.” So it can’t be a trip to the gas station…

I’ll let you know what I find out.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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