Lots of change about to happen around here. Change can be good. But change can be hard too. Some humans are better with change than others. And even we dogs have different feelings about change. Change our feeding time, and we may NOT be happy. Most of us dogs like our routines. We had a routine when her highness was working – and now we are finally getting into a new routine. But it took quite a while to keep from waking her highness up at 5AM. Now we can sometimes even sleep in until 7!

The big change here is that her highness’ sister – her only sister – and her only sibling – is moving away. No – we didn’t drive her to it. I think she actually liked us! No – she is moving away to be with her “significant other” in Newfoundland! For those who are unfamiliar with Canadian geography- look as far east in North America as you can. That’s Nova Scotia. Then look for a big Island even further east – and that’s Newfoundland. Affectionately known by many as “The Rock.” As you might guess, farming is not their major industry. It’s a beautiful, rugged province, home to some of the world’s nicest people. True – they are often the butt of jokes by people in other parts of Canada- but probably because people are jealous of them. If you want to understand what someone from Newfoundland is like – go to see the musical “Come From Away.” It’s based on the true story of Gander Newfoundland, who unexpectedly played host to 7000 stranded airline passengers after the tragedy of September 11. Those people got to live and experience true Newfoundland hospitality. Yup – many Newfoundlanders are really that nice.

That being said, her highness is sad to see her sister go. Yup. It will be a big change. But I guess it’s somewhere new to visit and explore! Mind you, I’m not wild about a 12 hour ferry ride and an additional driving time of oh maybe 14 hours. We would need to pack LOTS of treats. LOTS of treats. Anyway, we wish Auntie Sue happiness, health and lots of cool new adventures!

Another change – a short term one is company arriving today. Remember Marvin, her highness’ colleague who escaped his family and came to visit last summer? Well – he’s escaping again -and he’ll be visiting for a week. Marvin is his code name. His name has been changed to protect his privacy. I think he’s a spy in real life. Rumor has it, we may be going on a road trip with him for a few days – something about seeing some fall leaves and colors. The colors are all the same to us canines – but if it means road trip – count me in. Her highness doesn’t have anything packed yet – the whole thing is rather sketchy. I think she doesn’t want to tell us so we don’t get over-excited.

So lots of changes here. Some fun. Some hard. Some are like turning the page on a new chapter in a book. I’m no philosopher- but I think they call that book “life”…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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