OK. So I took off…

Yesterday, her highness did what she hopes will be the last lawn mowing for the year. I’m not so certain – it still seems to be growing. We watched the activity from the deck with Einstein shouting out if she missed a spot. She finished the mowing and went back around to the front of the house. She took out the weed whacker and was cleaning up some edging. The next thing we knew it, we heard her anguished shouting. The FG put his paws on the counter to look out the kitchen window and see what was happening. He saw her highness doing some strange dance – and shouting. Seems she must have hit a hornets’ nest on the ground. She was stung on the ankle and on the head. Two more hornets were crawling on her arm and her pant leg. She managed to knock them off before they could sting her.

Because she doesn’t know exactly where the nest is, she will have to keep us away from that area until she can get rid of it. Well – maybe not her – but probably someone she’ll hire who knows about these things. Mind you, if our internet resources are correct – the hornets will be dying off with the cold weather. We’ll have to find out.

After the bugaballoo, she took the FG for a long walk. Then she filled our supper dishes and showed them to us. She told Einstein and me that we were going out – but we needed to come back quickly to eat. Blah blah blah. She took us out around the house and headed down to the lake. We were having a great run and sniffing the ground for bunny balls. As we started doing the loop back to the house, I was in the lead. The last time we did this – just the other day- I didn’t take the path back to our house- but headed up to the neighbors’ place. So her highness decided to stop me. She called me and I stopped and waited. She said it was ok to go ahead – thinking I would take the path home since it was supper time. Nope. Off I ran. With her in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, the good dog took the path back to the house. As her highness rounded the edge of the neighbors’ property, she spotted me sniffing in front of their garage. The neighbors were out and I timidly went to say hello. Here comes her highness- all out of breath and she grabs my bandanna. Drama queen- I was just saying hello. Her highness was chatting with the neighbors for a minute or two when she sees something at the end of their driveway. Einstein. He heard the voices and came to see what was going on. He stood there suspended. Her highness called to him – but he just stood and stared at her. I think he was confused as to why we were both there – and why he was being called over. We’re ordinarily not allowed to just go running over there – so being the “good dog” he thought he would be in trouble. He finally came after she coaxed him to come. Then he would have stayed.

On the way home, she threatened me with no supper. What a joker. She KNOWS I have to eat with my meds. And I know that too. We PONs are smart – and we don’t forget.

Today we have a rainy day in the forecast – so no long walks. Unless she gets out the rainwear… Gotta go- time to hide.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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