The dangers of the fall

Her highness shared a photo on FB the other day that she found on the net. It was a beautiful fall scene with leaves carpeting the ground. And the caption read: Autumn Dog Poop. You know it’s out there. You just don’t know where.

Yes – it’s that beautiful time of the year, where you need to pick up poop practically as it’s being produced, or carry little flags to mark the location for pick up later. We don’t even have a LOT of leaves down yet- but yesterday, while Einstein was doing his thing, her highness was busy watching me for results. And when she went to pick up Einstein’s production, she could hardly find it.

You know those pictures of Where’s Waldo? There could be one of a yard of leaves with the caption: Where’s poopo?

It’s surprising that you can’t rent a poop detection dog in the fall to help find it. Must of us dogs could do it – but we probably won’t do it when you want us to. We would have to be specially trained to do it on command. So I actually have two money making schemes here – poop flag markers or poop detection dogs.

If you’ve ever stepped in fall leaf poop you know it’s really no laughing matter… At least to you humans….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

One thought on “The dangers of the fall

  1. My friends in Bridgewater marks their dogs poop piles until they dry up. They use a coat hanger straightened out with a red piece of ribbon on it. They have three dogs that have the run of a big field so the markers help them find them when it is time to scoop them up.


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