The plantation. Part 73.

And they continue to grow. The tomatoes. Every day her highness fills a bowl. And there is no end in sight.

Now she even covers them at night if she hears there is even a remote chance of a frost. As if we haven’t had enough of a harvest already. BUT – I did get to enjoy the bounty of the harvest in a different way yesterday.

After her highness brought in another batch, she decided to take some up to the restaurant at the golf course up the road. She did that a few weeks ago- and they were quite happy to relieve her of some of the harvest.

So she announced yours truly could go along for the walk. All by myself. And if that wasn’t great enough, when I got there, I got to meet the chef. He thought I was pretty cute – and why not, I’m sweet and adorable and so well behaved. Until you live with me. So after he greeted me, he asked her highness if I could have a treat. At first her highness hesitated – as she is always afraid to give me anything out of the ordinary- for fear of triggering a possible seizure. But I just looked at her with my big eyes the way a kid looks at a parent after grandma has offered some candy. So she agreed – and get this – I got a piece of steak. Really. How awesome was that? Of course when I went home I had steak breath, and Einstein knew it immediately. He just glared at me. The FG was annoyed because he usually gets to go to the course- and he felt totally slighted. He’ll get over it.

Meanwhile, although the tomatoes are doing great, the red peppers aren’t turning red. Or orange or yellow. Her highness isn’t sure which color they should be exactly- but she knows for sure she didn’t plant the green variety. She read somewhere that if peppers aren’t happy, they may not turn color. Really. And it must be true – she read it on the internet. I suggest we tell the peppers some jokes to make them happy – like this one I found: Why did the mother pepper put a jacket on her baby? Because it was a little chili.

I’ll just leave that right there.

On the other hand, the pumpkins ARE changing color. But like I said before – they won’t win any giant pumpkin contest. I think we need to try the giant variety next year.

Today, I suggest we take up more tomatoes to the golf course. And I am quite happy to go to deliver them. Wonder what’s on the menu…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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