A new skill

OK. Do we know several things. PONs like food and we do like to countersurf. Remember the time I stole bananas and ate them – peel and all? Food is not safe with us.

We also know that the FG is a picky Picard. Some food he eats. Some he tosses. Some he stares at. Some he ignores. Leaving food on the counter is not really a problem. Until now.

Yesterday morning we had our walks. We had breakfast. Her highness had some people picking up some furniture at the house – she’s doing some “redecorating” – so she’s been selling and giving some stuff away. Our good friends (and neighbors) came by to watch (and help) as some folks removed a particularly heavy item – while we were sequestered- and shouting out directions. Her highness enjoyed a cup of coffee with one of her friends after the “movers” left. Meanwhile, we were outside- enjoying the crisp morning sunshine.

The neighbor left, and her highness let us in and went about making her breakfast. She poured another cup of coffee and put her toast on the island. She went to open the deck door to let in some fresh air. Einstein and I ran to make sure there were no leftover movers on the deck. Her highness turns around and is shocked to see the FG with two paws on the counter, licking the butter off her toast. “Hey” she shouted “get down from there.” He jumped down and smacked his lips. I immediately ran over for three reasons: 1. To see what he had sampled. 2. To see if there was any left. 3. To congratulate him on the success his newfound skill. I mean, he MAY have looked at food before, but THIS was his real first lick. He’s learned the technique- so there’s no stopping him now. Well done Friendly Giant. Don’t forget who was your coach. And don’t forget to share!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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