Nothing exciting

So yesterday and Thursday, her highness went out for the day. She was helping a friend who was selling antiques at a big festival about 45 minutes away. But not to worry about us. Anna came by after school, gave me my medication and let us out for a pee. She told her highness we were pretty vocal. That’s because the first time she came by to help out, we were on our very best behavior. This week she got the true behavioral sample. Her highness hopes it doesn’t scare Anna off. Nah. I think she likes us.

When her highness got home on Thursday at supper time, she fed us and took us for walks. We wanted to do something else – but it was already starting to get dark out. Have you noticed that it gets dark out much earlier already? So much for outdoor fetch at 8PM. Anyway, we kept bugging her highness- so in a moment of exasperation she announced “OK – everybody in the car.” Imagine our jubilation. She let us into the garage, opened the hatch on Ludwig and Einstein and the FG hopped in. Meanwhile, I was searching the garage for food – remember- the dog food is stored in the garage. Her highness called me but I was busy searching. She finally came to get me, hoisted me up into Ludwig and closed the hatch. I immediately jumped into the front seat. She opened the driver’s side door and I hopped out – again in search of food. She came around Ludwig, caught me and again hoisted me into Ludwig and warned me to stay in the back. This time I listened.

We should have realized that the fact that we were all loose in the back was unusual. We excitedly smeared olfactory art all over the back windows. We drove up the driveway to the road. Where could we be going? The pet store?! The vet? Nope. She drove down our road – to the mailboxes at the main road. The drive takes all of 2 minutes. She hopped out of the vehicle, careful to remove the keys. She doesn’t trust that we wouldn’t drive off without her. She gets the one piece of mail in the box, jumps in and heads for home. Nice trick. So much for an exciting destination. That was worse than just going to the gas station. Still, I suppose it beat staying home. And we did enjoy it.

Today she’s not going to the festival- so we’ll see what she has on the agenda for the day. No mail on Saturdays – so another mailbox ride isn’t a possibility. Whatever we do, as long as it doesn’t involve a comb and brush, we’ll be happy.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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