Do your homework.

So today we have a money saving tip…

I need to begin my blog by saying I love my vet. She is super nice and she puts up with her highness’ wild internet research and her 1000 questions. She always calls us back to answer questions about my meds. We truly love her. We wouldn’t trade her for all the biscuits at the pet store. Vets themselves are truly worth their weight in biscuits. They have a tough job – they treat humans as much as they treat animals. A good vet is a treasure and we are very lucky to have one. We actually like all the vets at our clinic.

We learned something about veterinary medications, though that not everyone MAY realize – and something that isn’t always evident. Between me and Einstein, we take 6 medications. Some are prescribed and we get them at the human pharmacy. The vet clinic does not even carry those drugs. Some are only available for pets through the veterinary clinic. BUT we learned that at least one, which is designed for dogs and is sold through the vet clinic is ALSO available at the human pharmacy at a substantially reduced cost. The drug has a fancy schmancy veterinary name. BUT – it also has the real drug name. And her highness was paying $99 at the vet clinic for 28 pills. As you might guess, our monthly drug bills are rather high. No wonder her highness is always looking for money making schemes! Anyway, this week, she did her homework. She got the exact same medication (with a prescription of course!) at the human pharmacy for $72. For 60 pills. Yes- 60! Um I’m no math wizard – but I think she just saved us the cost of a box of biscuits. SEVERAL boxes of biscuits!

We are not blaming our vet clinic for the cost of the drugs. The costs are what they are. You can’t get mad at your human pharmacist for the cost of your human medication. The human pharmaceutical industry is not without its own issues when it comes to drug prices! And clearly the same is true for pet meds. When your dog is taking medication, it is important to consider all the options. And that’s where people owned by pets have to do their homework. You have to be involved in your pet’s care and you do need to ask questions. That was our lesson this week!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

One thought on “Do your homework.

  1. Thank you for the advice Viktor. I get Spencer’s arthritis and eye meds through chewy pharmacy on the internet and it was cheaper than my pharmacy. However, his insulin meds continue to be a fortune every
    month. I read somewhere to check out the pice at Walmart and I’m planning to do that. Will post when I do.


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