Viktor’s balls. Part 2.

So let’s start off with a little follow up to my pill pocket story. We had some questions after we posted it – AND we gained some great information. Someone asked if they needed to be baked. We forgot to mention that they don’t require baking. Just roll and go. Someone asked how long the balls can be refrigerated. According the recipe, they will be good until the expiration date on the milk that you used to make them. We actually stretched that date- as her highness usually does anyway. We were thinking you could maybe even substitute water for the milk- and then that wouldn’t be an issue. But if they don’t work – don’t blame me because we didn’t try it.

Someone also wrote that coconut flour absorbs moisture more than regular flour – which is why we initially had the crumbling problem. Good to know!

And finally someone wrote and suggested a brilliant idea. They don’t even go through all the trouble of making little balls. They just make the dough, put it in a container in the fridge and then pull out a piece as needed to put around the pills. Now that’s smart! No need to roll balls! I like it!

Her highness made another batch of balls AND she also made the big dough ball. She figures the balls are handy if someone else needs to give me a pill – like Anna. But we have the big ball for her highness to use.

Not much new around here – although I hate to report I’ve had 3 seizures this month. Including one last night. We don’t know why. We never know why. Epilepsy is hard…Her highness needs to call the vet today to see what we do now about my meds…

On a lighter note, on this day in 1948, the Honda Motor Company was founded. In previous blogs we have talked about how car manufacturers use dogs to market their vehicles – like VW and Subaru. So you KNOW I had to see if Honda ever did. And I found a few examples:

This one pulls at the heartstrings because it looks at dogs with disabilities:

This one looks at service dogs:

This one addresses our canine ability to pick out when people may not be totally truthful…

But THIS one is really special…

I think her highness got tears over that one.

Well time to check the plantation. Einstein is REALLY into the harvest. He LOVES those cherry tomatoes. He stands and STARES at her highness while she’s picking them- hoping to get a handout. I like them – but he LOVES them. The FG still uses them as marbles.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “Viktor’s balls. Part 2.

  1. Oh no, Viktor! 😒 Have you tried Cannabis oil? It’s used for seizures in children. They have it for dogs now too! ( 🐾 X ❤️


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