Vet visit. The drama continues.

Just when you think things are going well…you discover that you need to finance another vet vacation….

So Marvin has left us. He was probably a tad relieved to get on that plane – and who could blame him? A week at the Canine Chaos Centre would drive anyone a bit crazy. Good thing Mother Nature cooperated with some pretty nice leaf colors.

So he left on Tuesday night, and it was later that evening that Einstein clearly looked uncomfortable. Again. He wasn’t due for his pain meds until morning. Her highness had made an appointment at our vet – just for a routine post-surgical re-check for 3:40 on Wednesday. But when he was clearly in more discomfort on Wednesday morning, she called and begged to have an earlier appointment. They said they could squeeze Einstein in at 1:00.

Now I don’t REALLY want this to be a horrible blog post – but there is kind of no way around it. Long story short…the torsion of his testicles cut off the blood supply to part of his scrotum. Resulting in necrosis- and a nasty lesion. It literally appeared in the previous 24 hours. So. The vet said they would try to laser it- to help healing and hopefully to avoid more surgery.

Her highness let them take Einstein to the back room to do so. It took two veterinarians and three technicians to do the laser. His mournful squealing could be heard throughout the clinic. By the time he emerged, his entire face was soaking wet with drool. The vet techs had their hair standing on end. One of the vets jokingly offered to give her highness the laser machine to do the treatments at home – thinking Einstein might be more relaxed. Seriously? She obviously doesn’t read my blog and know that if you have to tug at a mat, he screams like you have cut off his leg. This is Einstein. There is no way her highness would be doing at home laser treatments.

They came home with more pain medication. And they have to go back tomorrow for more laser work. Send positive thoughts that this works- and be doesn’t need more surgery.

Her highness wondered why they didn’t sedate him – but then wondered if it has to do with his cardiac issues and the meds he takes for that. She will definitely ask tomorrow when they go for round 2. Mind you, given the expressions on the faces of half the staff at the clinic after the “procedure” – I’m sure if there is ANY option – they’ll be taking it tomorrow.

So if that wasn’t bad enough…

Her highness noticed that yours truly was licking MY private parts a LOT the last two days. They looked FINE on Saturday when she actually used them to compare to Einstein’s parts. Anyway, she looked at my parts – on the grooming table – and ta da- they were all red. So guess who went to the vet last night? My problem is NOT the same as Einstein’s. I saw all the attention that he was getting – so I decided to make my own problem. The vet said it looks like something he sees in the winter- when a dog sits on ice and then stands up and yowza- rips his skin. So. Yours truly is on anti-itch medication and antibiotics for good measure – and I’m also sporting a cone. We MUST be setting SOME kind of Guinness record for number of dogs in the same household who have private parts problems – and are also wearing lampshades.

Meanwhile the FG just walks around squeaking because he is living with two cranky dogs who do not want to play and who definitely do not want their private parts sniffed. Her highness can totally empathize with parents of two year old triplets, who are have head colds. She was thinking there could be money in respite care for pet owners. Yup. We are totally driving her crazy. Good thing she loves us. Anyone want to come for a visit?

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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