Quick update from the plantation. The tomato harvest is in full swing. And Einstein and I have discovered that cherry tomatoes are a tasty treat! Mind you, besides spinach what won’t we PONs eat? At first we weren’t sure about them – but it took about 3.8 seconds before we decided we liked them. Of course the FG was a different story…

It’s quite remarkable that we haven’t peed on the plantation. Probably because her highness watches us like a hawk if we are in the back yard. Yesterday she went to do another harvest. She has already frozen a whole tray of tomatoes and they are residing in the freezer. Every day she picks more. So when she went out yesterday, she took the FG with her. As she was gathering the crop, she handed him a nice ripe cherry tomato. I should interject here with a reminder that green tomatoes as well as the leaves and stems from the tomato plants can be harmful to us canines. We should NOT eat anything green on a tomato plant. We CAN eat red, ripe tomatoes- in moderation of course. We are allowed two each of the cherry tomatoes. That’s because we had about 4 each the other day, and while yours truly was fine, I DID pass some rather aromatic gas that night. So it’s a two tomato limit.

Anyway, back to the FG. So he gets the ripe tomato and gingerly carries it in his mouth. Then he lies down on the lawn and drops it. He nudges it with his nose. Her highness picks it up and tosses it at him. He grabs it and tosses it himself. Then he stares at it. For about a minute. Her highness tosses another tomato to him. Now he stares at both of them. He picks one up. He spits it out. He stares at both of them. This goes on for several minutes until her highness says, “OK- let’s go.” He is on a leash- and she tugs at it. He stays lying on the lawn, staring at the tomatoes. She tries again to move him. Dead , tomato-mesmerized weight. She runs to the end of the leash. Still no movement. He can’t decide what to do. He doesn’t REALLY want the tomatoes, but he doesn’t want to leave them either. After several fruitless tries, she finally gets him to move.

He comes in the house and Einstein and I are let out. We race to the backyard to see what he had – we had been watching the spectacle from the deck. We find the tomatoes and gobble them up.

The peppers on the plantation are also growing well. But the BEST are the pumpkins. OK. They wouldn’t win any weigh off for size, but they are cute. And turning orange. I can see a fall photo shoot in the near future.

Speaking of which, her highness has been rumbling something about going to the dreaded Dollar Store. And you KNOW why. Howl-o-ween. The one time of the year dogs cannot be held accountable for biting their humans. My only hope is that they don’t have anything interesting for pets to wear. Who am I kidding. She’ll find something. I think a little run away might be in order….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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