Viktor’s balls.

Well we now know her highness is REALLY into the retirement mode. After a summer of doing nothing- well except tending the plantation, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, walking us, feeding us, playing with us, walking us, doing the laundry, walking us, grooming us, getting groceries, picking up our medication, taking us to the vet, walking us and spending some time with friends- she is FINALLY doing something productive. Yesterday she made pill pockets. How exciting is that? She made them once before- it was MONTHS ago – but she finally made a batch again.

For those who don’t know, between me and Einstein, we get 14 pills every day. Now if one were to use the commercially available pill pockets, which cost 12.99 for 30, you can see that we would have a BIT of a challenge – because my name is not Viktor Gates (as in Bill Gates). We do use things like white bread (without the crust) balled up around the pill- but her highness notices we tend to chew the bread. Sometimes resulting in tiny pill pieces being dropped on the floor. We use peanut butter- although I am actually learning how to separate the pill in my mouth from the peanut butter. It’s not easy and I can’t do it all the time. But it does happen. Not to mention fact that I usually end up with peanut butter in my beard. Put it in a banana? Sure but I still can find the pill. Especially the BIG ones – and I take 6 BIG ones each day. When she does use a pill pocket, I just swallow the thing whole.

So yesterday she decided to make her own. I think I talked about this once before- but it’s been a while. The recipe called for 2 Tablespoons of flour, one Tablespoon of milk and one Tablespoon of peanut butter. Simple enough. But then she never does anything simply. Not only did she double the recipe, she used organic coconut flour instead of regular flour. As if we care. You are supposed to mix the ingredients to form dough. You then roll the dough into little balls, and insert a straw so you will have a place to insert the pill. Because we are so environmentally conscious, we don’t have any straws. OK. That’s not true. We never had any straws. We were environmentally conscious before we needed to be – and didn’t even know it. Anyway, she found something in the cooking utensil draw – which holds an assortment of things she rarely uses. And she attempted to make holes.

Well. The first mix was kind of dry, so the balls crumbled. Maybe it was the coconut flour. She added milk. And more peanut butter. Now it was soupy. More coconut flour. The batch was getting bigger. All the while, the FG and I are of course, underfoot- supervising.

After much moaning and groaning and many defective balls, she finally managed to fill an ice cube try with them. They don’t need to be frozen- just refrigerated. She figured if she put them in a bag, she would end up with a huge ball of peanut butery mess. Yum.

When pill time came, she was able to insert a couple of the smaller pills into one ball. Which is a good thing- otherwise she would be going into full- time production. Hey! There’s a money-making scheme! Viktor’s balls. Wait that doesn’t sound so great. I have to think about this one…Plus I wonder if you can make pill pockets out of tomatoes…

I must confess- I DID like them. Thank goodness.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “Viktor’s balls.

  1. We make homemade pill pockets too. Between 3 dogs there are 21 pills. We make the peanutbutter/ flour dough in bulk, but instead of making individual balls I make a giant ball and put it in a big tupperware container. Each time I need to give medication I pinch off as much as I need and roll the pill into it. Works fabulously!


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