So we canines have lived through our first official hurricane. It’s a stressful event (for humans) – but for us canines, it wasn’t all that bad. That being said, we added to human stress BEFORE the storm even hit!!! No wonder her highness needs to watch her blood pressure.

It all started in the morning. We got up early to beat the hurricane. In fact, when Einstein and I went out for our morning constitutional, it wasn’t windy and the rain was like more of a mist than real rain. It didn’t matter that the precipitation level was barely measurable- we were still outfitted with the new rainwear. Clearly her highness was going to get her money’s worth with those suits.

We trudged along in our attire. And just like our last outing while wearing “the suits,” yours truly refused to poop. We walked up and down the road. We walked behind the house on the trail to the lake. I didn’t want to go. And of course, you know that her highness WANTED me to go – BEFORE the hurricane hit. But I didn’t care. She begged. She pleaded. And in a tease, I would walk back and forth LOOKING like I was about to go, and then I would stop. In final desperation, she loaded me into the car and drove me up to the public trail. We walked through the mud (which she earlier refused to do) and within 1 minute, I produced the deposit she had been waiting for. Just like a jackpot at the casino. She was so excited. I’m telling you, humans are so weird.

She took me home and then, took out the power pooper. The FG. I should note, HE wasn’t wearing a coat. Even though it had started to rain by now. Well I’m not sure what was up with Mr. Poop- but he went up and down the road- and didn’t go either! And he couldn’t use a coat as his excuse. So they trudged up to the golf course. In the rain. He trotted along – VERY happily. He doesn’t care about rain.

They did a good long walk. With no jackpot. By now, her highness’ blood pressure was creeping up. She JUST wanted us all pooped out before the hurricane started. She begs and pleads with him too. No results. So she comes home, puts him in the car – and again drives up to the trail. About 30 seconds in (past the mud puddles), he produces. Of course HE isn’t wearing a suit, so he requires a mud rinsing in the tub when he gets home. Good times.

The winds and rain really started picking up by the afternoon. At one point, we went out for a quick pee – and although we weren’t out for more than 2 minutes, we were all drenched.

It came to late afternoon, and the neighbor next door asked her highness if she wanted to come to dinner. They were barbecuing in the garage, and they are also lucky to have a propane stove in their kitchen. The wind and rain were crazy by this point – Dorian had arrived- and our power was out. Her highness accepted the kind invitation and the neighbor even drove down to pick her up! During the meal, the weather completely calmed down. I guess it was what they call the eye of the storm. At 7, my human was able to walk home (I needed my medication) and the wind was again beginning to start up. We basically sat around in the dark until bedtime, listening to the sounds of the wind and rain again.

Today we’ll survey the damages to trees and bushes. When her highness came home from the neighbors’, the ground was covered in leaves and sticks. We love sticks – so we can “help” with the cleanup. Sure we can….It’s just starting to get light out – time to check things out.

The most important thing is that we all survived (even wearing the dreaded apparel) and we are safe and sound. OK – maybe not sound…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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