Healthy eating

And she found a trail of soggy spinach….

Our little world returned to normalcy on Sunday night – when our power was finally restored. Well -as normal as our house gets.

Luckily for her highness, our neighbors graciously fed her all weekend. And while she was at their place on Sunday evening, finishing her THIRD meal with them (seriously- how lucky can you get?), the power suddenly went back on. Everybody did the happy power dance.

Her highness is certain her intentional camping days are long over. She likes running water. She likes walking into the closet and turning on the lights (which she futilely did multiple times in the 30 hours the power was out – and she moaned every time she did it), and she likes knowing that the food she is eating from the fridge is still safe to eat. That’s one of the advantages of kibble.

She walked home to a house all lit up- as it had been when the power went out Saturday afternoon. We joyfully celebrated her return (which we do even when she goes to the bathroom) and she gave us all a treat. She went and reset all the clocks in the house. And then, just as she was about to fix us a snack, the power went out. How to burst a human bubble. She thought at first it would go back on. And it did. For a few seconds. And then it went off. On it went for a few seconds. And off it went. But this time it didn’t come back on. She sat down in the dark, with three canines trying to cheer her up.

After about an hour, just before she was ready to go to bed, the lights came on again. And this time it was for good.

We were actually lucky. There were still people without power yesterday- and no doubt there are still people without it.

Yesterday her highness came home after an appointment with her doctor. The whole blood pressure fiasco has made her take a serious look at her diet. She has a terrible salt vice- she loves it. Give her a choice between a candy bar and a salty treat – and the salty treat wins every time. She needs to watch it.

Anyway she had stopped at the grocery store – and she had bought ingredients for a nice salad. She bought spinach, some dried cranberries and some sunflower seeds to mix in her salad. To that she added some tomatoes fresh from the plantation. While she was making her salad, she had three chef wannabes watching her. So she tossed us some baby spinach. I ate one piece, as did Einstein, but we didn’t REALLY crave any more. The FG couldn’t even be convinced to try it. Her highness tossed a few more pieces to us. And she busied herself with her other ingredients. Einstein and I liked the cherry tomatoes. The FG couldn’t be bothered. When she went to sit and eat, she looked down and found a trail of baby spinach. Soggy baby spinach. Clearly it’s not a favorite. And that’s saying a lot – given that we PONs are canine carburetors.

We’ll see how long this healthy eating kick lasts. She’s also planning to exercise more – which we canines interpret as more walks for us. Mind you, I’m not sure when Einstein goes ballistic on a walk when he sees someone, that it reduces her highness’ blood pressure. Let’s face it- just living with us three COULD affect someone’s blood pressure. Guess we’ll have to behave more. Cough.

Oh and by the way – you know MY habit of eating pillowcases (speaking of bad behavior). Well on Sunday morning, when her highness emerged from the bathroom in the morning, ready to take us for our walks, she sees (in the dark) Einstein is on the bed. She has her flashlight and she shines it his way. And what is HE doing? Why chewing a hunk of the duvet. Busted. The GOOD dog. She of course says the magic four words, “What did you do?” He hops off the bed, shakes himself off and trots in the other room, ready for his morning walk. Is it any wonder her blood pressure is high? Good thing she loves us….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

3 thoughts on “Healthy eating

  1. Welcome to late middle age and the curse of blood pressure. Throw out the salt shakers, forget adding salt to any recipes (you really don’t need it, and become the best label reader ever. The pay off is you find out what the food really tastes like – and you will be surprised. Another little trick to help the blood pressure – 500 mg of magnesium every morning.


  2. Oh. Linda. It all starts now. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, bowel problems, over active kidneys, indigestion, anxiety. Welcome to retirement! LOL


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