I’m a prize

So we’re waiting for Dorian. Yesterday morning, the weather guys were saying, just watch out. It could maybe be windy and rainy. By last night, they were saying people should evacuate- and it was a Category 2 Hurricane. Then when we woke up this morning, they had changed it at midnight to a Category 1. Forecasting is such a reliable science. Cough.

So now we wait for the power to go out. We have lots of batteries. And really, we dogs can easily find food in the dark with our noses. So we’ll be fine.

Hey. Did you know I’m a prize? Of course you did. No – but really – I’m a prize!!! Seems her highness was scrolling through Farcebook ( that’s really what it should be called. People post all kinds of marvelous things making other people think the poster has a perfect life. But it’s really NOT perfect. But readers get depressed looking at other people’s “magical lives.” They do psychology studies on this. So it should be called Farcebook!). But I digress. Phew.

Anyway, her highness sees some prizes for a dog show in Europe. Check the posting;

Well her highness does a double take. Does this photo look familiar?

Yup. It’s me! And it sure looks like it’s me on those prizes!!!!!!

Now her highness didn’t KNOW my photo was going to be used. And frankly, we ARE flattered. She did write to the person who posted the prizes though, and mentioned that although she is happy I’m on the prizes- it’s always a good idea to ask permission first if you’re using someone else’s photo. She ALWAYS lets people use our pictures if they ask. But it IS a good idea to ask….someone else COULD be really unhappy.

Anyway, the people who used the photo said they could mention me at the show! Closest I’ll ever get to being in the spotlight!!!

Her highness thinks it’s rather funny that I should be the “face” of Rally or obedience. Kind of ironic, isn’t it???

Well time to put the rain suits on. Before Dorian really comes to call. We aren’t going far today…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

7 thoughts on “I’m a prize

  1. Love the fact that your picture is on all those prizes but her highness is right, they should ask permission. A lady in the US who breeds Keeshonden puts copyright on all her pictures that she posts on line. Since her highness puts a lot of wonderful pictures on line she should look into doing something like that. Hope you all safe safe during the hurricane.
    Auntie Gladys


  2. Ok, gotta ask! I thought the picture On the prize was Viktor. But I see another blog site has this particular story written as Frodopon. Is this Frodo or Viktor? It looks too dark to be Frodo but maybe he has lightened with she?


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