Weather. Or not.

Well batten down the hatches – it looks like those raincoats are going to come in handy.

It seems that Hurricane Dorian still has lots of steam left – after it ravaged the Bahamas. Those poor people. It is so, so sad to see the photos. And did you hear about the woman who kept close too 100 rescue dogs in her house to save them from the storm?!! IN her house. And they couldn’t go outside…..So you know what THAT means….Good thing there is a Go Fund Me site to help the amazing woman with the aftermath. She will need it. But good on her for doing something most people wouldn’t even consider doing…

Anyway, the forecasters are currently throwing darts at the weather map. The one thing we know with 99% surety is that we won’t be getting snow. Note I didn’t say 100%…

With stormy weather, we frequently lose power. Heck – it seems like we can lose power on a calm day with fog. And when you live in the semi-boonies and you have no power, you also have no water. Because the pump to the well won’t work. Which also affects the flushing of the toilet. Yet another reason it’s easier to be a dog. No toilet needed. Mind you, her highness could pretend she’s camping and go out into the woods to do her business. Wouldn’t we LOVE watching that. And we can make her wear a rain suit so she can see what that’s like!

Her highness has been watching the track of this hurricane since before it even hit the Bahamas. I think she thinks she is some kind of junior meteorologist. That’s because she has such great forecasting equipment. Two PONs. If you open the front door and we won’t go out, it’s raining. She has 100% accurate forecasting ability with us PONs.

She has a funny feeling about this storm. Everybody was pretty ho hum last week – but now – the day before it’s supposed to hit, people are finally taking notice. I must confess, I’m actually glad we have our rain attire.

Her highness has backed up all of her devices – heaven forbid we couldn’t get on Facebook in the event of a power outage. I hope she’s ready for 89 rounds of Find the Bunny….

We’ll keep you posted. Paws crossed this thing blows over….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

One thought on “Weather. Or not.

  1. Hi Our NS friends – just went through Williamsburg VA version of Dorian. Lots of wind not as much rain as expected – but storm surge in VA Beach. Prepare for wind, fill the tub with water so you can continue to flush and wash emergencies. Fill jugs you have around wil water and stick them in the refrig and freezer to help keep things cold as well has for drinking. Have tarps and plastic drop cloths on hand just in case. Good luck.


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