The coats

So I told you about our new apparel. But I didn’t tell you the whole story.

When her highness and the FG got home from the show, they were pretty tired. She just wanted to take us out, feed us, and have a little “break.” But of course, she FIRST had to see if our new raincoats fit. Imagine her horror when she tried to put it on Einstein and it didn’t fit!! She tugged and pulled and Einstein stood there rolling his eyes. So the great “bargain” wasn’t such a bargain. She took it off him and tried it on me. And as you saw in the photo, it fit. Now I’m not quite as “stocky” as Einstein- so she figured that was the problem. She sadly looked at the unopened coat-and wondered if she could exchange it. We PONs thought she should exchange it – for several boxes of treats.

The next morning, she sent off a message to the place that had the booth at the show where she bought the “bargain.” She asked if she could exchange one coat for a bigger size.

Anyway, after breakfast – and two cups of coffee- she decided to just TRY and see how small the coat was.

Well I’m here to tell you – either Einstein lost 10lbs overnight- or she was comatose when she tried the coat on him the night before. It fit just FINE. So now she had to send another message to the business saying she didn’t need an exchange after all.

Is it any wonder the canines in this house are a tad crazy?

Well, it’s time to start the day. And guess what? It’s raining. Now let’s see how easy it is to put on those coats when we’re in a hurry to go out. THIS will be fun….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

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