Talk about lucky…

So the FG was in a total of 4 dog shows this weekend. And unfortunately, the judges just didn’t love him as much as her highness does. But even though he didn’t come home with ribbons, they came home with great memories and had fun. And that’s really the most important thing. At least that’s what you’re supposed to say.

Meanwhile, we PONs were a BIT jealous of all the time the FG got to spend with her highness. So you would THINK that we would get something super duper special from the show. When they came home, her highness announced that she had surprises for us. Bones? Amazing toys? New food? Tasty treats? Nope. None of the above. What did she buy for me and for Einstein?! Rainwear. I kid you not. Talk about adding insult to injury. She spends the whole weekend with the FG and OUR reward is rain attire?! Seems she got all excited because she has always wanted these special suits made by some company in Finland. But nobody around here carried them. Well saints preserve us- there was a booth at the show, selling them at a great price. Yippee. I can hardly WAIT for inclement weather.

Despite the fact that the FG didn’t have a super lucky weekend when it came to 50 cent ribbons, (and neither did we if you consider the new attire) – we DID have a hugely lucky moment yesterday morning….

We had to get up at 4:30 so we could have our walks and breakfasts and her highness could also grab a bite and shower, before heading off to the show- which was a 40 minute drive away. So when we went out on our walks, it was still dark out. Einstein and I went out first – with her highness sporting her trusty headlamp. We wandered up to the road, and we were both very intent on sniffing something across the road. And I hate to admit this, but we were both on the dreaded flexi leashes. Her highness was so intent on watching us PONs who were looking in the ditch, that she didn’t even notice that less than 12 feet away, something was crossing the road – coming toward us. The something? A slow moving pin cushion.

THANK GOODNESS her highness had locked the extension feature of the leashes. Otherwise, she would have had TWO prickly PONs. As it was, when we both saw the intruder, we tried desperately to say hello. And Einstein was very vocal in his greetings- probably waking everyone in a 5 km distance. At 5 AM. Good thing her highness wasn’t wearing her blood pressure thingy. An encounter was averted.

All in all though, I suppose it was not a BAD day. Her highness’ sister popped in to give me my 3PM meds and to take us out. That was a lovely surprise. And the FG and her highness DID have fun at the show.

Today her highness thinks she’ll catch up on some much needed sleep. Good luck with THAT! We’re just happy there is no rain in the forecast….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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