No ribbons

Well all the brushing and fluffing was for a specific reason. The FG was in a dog show. The beauty pageant type show. He hasn’t been in one in a LONG time. Her highness decided to wait until he “matured.” And that designation is open to interpretation. I mean, can a guy be considered to be mature if he still tosses blueberries? I think not.

It was recommended by several people that her highness NOT show the FG herself. She gets kind of nervous. Which is crazy because she could speak on live radio or TV or could do a talk for hundreds of people and not get nervous. But make her run around a ring for 30 seconds with a dog, and she’s a nervous wreck.

So her highness’ friend Glenda offered to show the FG. Kind of like kids who behave better for the babysitter. Her highness thought Glenda could work her dog whisperer magic and get some big ribbons with the boy.

The first sign of trouble was when Glenda took the FG to practice a bit. He would do NOTHING for her – he was too busy looking for her highness – who was hiding down behind a dog crate. The things humans do. At first it looked like Glenda wouldn’t be able to even take him in the ring. But THEN, they discovered Heather’s doggie crack. Heather shows her Boston Terriers and her husband.”, Allan shows their Old English Sheepdog, Connor.

Heather had baked some kind of liver cake. Also known as doggie crack. Now we know the FG is better known as the Picky Picard. But not when it came to Heather’s famous liver cake. The FG has always liked Glenda. But Glenda plus liver cake was a whole new entity. He didn’t care the least bit where her highness was. He would go anywhere following that liver cake.

Unfortunately, despite Glenda’s excellent handling AND the liver cake, they got no big ribbons. Reportedly, though, if they gave out congeniality prizes, he would have a great shot at winning. The Boy Scouts who help out at the shows STILL remember him. And he’s quite happy to greet humans and canines alike. Pity there is no prize for that.

Meanwhile, Einstein and I guarded the homestead. And one of our kind neighbors, Pam, came over to give me my pills mid-afternoon. Since I am on my new medication schedule, I need my meds at 7AM, 3PM, 7PM and 11PM. Epilepsy is not an easy condition to control… But we seem to be back on track again.

The FG has another show this morning and then they’ll be home this afternoon. Who knows what Sunday will hold. Better him than me – I’ll pass on all the brushing.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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