Nothing to Report

Can you feel it? We did. Yesterday morning on our constitutional- we felt a tiny taste of Fall. It was noticeably cooler and rather refreshing. The crispness provided extra energy for attempts at peeing on every green recycling bin we passed as we walked down the road. Her highness caught every attempt, but she missed the mark (pun intended) when we passed one of those traffic construction signs that are still on our road. I hit it and so did Einstein. Score!!! Her highness must have been busy with her eyes to the sky – as I said it was a perfect morn.

The other day, her highness did a drug run. Not to worry- it was perfectly legal. First stop – the human pharmacy. Where she walks in and the pharmacy assistant says “You must be here for Viktor.” I’ve never met them- but for some reason they know all about me. Seems they should have my portrait hanging behind the counter. Her highness got one of my drugs there. Good thing the store gives “points” for money spent…

Next stop. The vet. To pick up one of Einstein’s medications. The place was PACKED with zombies. Her highness was glad none of us was with her. She witnessed a woman with two small dogs on flexi leashes. They were roaming all around the room while the woman/ zombie inattentively chatted with the girls at the desk. One Of her dogs put his face right up to the crate of a cat. The zombie said “It’s OK – he’s used to cats.” Ummmm hello – maybe the cat in the crate ISN’T used to dogs. Like I said – zombies. Of course one of her two dogs had a giant poop right in the middle of the floor in front of the reception desk. I kid you not. It’s the place to poop. Then the zombie had no bag. Someone handed her one, she scooped and then asked one of the girls at the desk where to put it. Her highness needed to button her lips. The girl pointed to the trash can outside. The zombie put it on the floor and said she would just leave it there until she got her bill. Luckily they calculated it quickly.

Besides the zombies, her highness saw three friends there as well. They are from her “dog community”. And you can be sure they didn’t act like zombies. They know better.

Yesterday her highness came home sporting new attire. Well not really attire – more like an “accessory”. She had to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. Seems when she goes to her doctor, her blood pressure is high. Some call it White Coat Syndrome. Anyway, to check it, she had to wear this thing that inflates like every 30 minutes.

At first she thought she should go to the beach. That’s relaxing and probably lowers her pressure. But they are still doing that construction on the road – and after sitting In traffic and waiting to get through it, she figured her pressure was now high – so she might as well go home rather than get caught it in twice. Einstein warned us that we needed to behave. To keep her pressure low. Like THAT ever happens.

She had planned to mow the lawn. BUT -since she couldn’t take the thing off to shower, she instead decided to just READ on the deck. At first she had over 150 lbs of dog in her lap – on a lawn chair – but we finally settled down. And hopefully, so did her pressure.

Something is going on this weekend. I’m not sure what – but she certainly has been trying an assortment of brushes on the FG. Which is pointless because no matter WHAT grooming tool you use on him, he ALWAYS looks the same. I’m not sure what it’s all about – but I’ll keep you posted.

So that’s our story of nothing. I hope your day is crisp and clear, and your pressure stays low!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

9 thoughts on “Nothing to Report

  1. I love your new blog Viktor! Everything about it is pretty, clean and colorful. I saw your Canada geese flying over my house this morning on their way South for the winter. It is really beautiful here also. Did you see this on the news the other day?

    Have a great day and help keep the pressure down. Laurie’s blood pressure goes DOWN when she goes to the doctor !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comments about the blog!

      Elroy saw about a dozen geese last night on the golf course. He was fascinated!

      Interesting article! Will be interested to see what he does…


  2. Can we feel it?….No! Still in the triple digits down here in Texas…Jealous of your weather boys!!
    We are so happy to have you back in our inbox Viktor!!! Love everything about the new blog!
    Duncan and Audrey…Your biggest PON fans in Dallas


  3. The email idea is really great. Are we going to have Viktor’s seizure count back at the bottom of the page – we all are routing for him. Yes, fall is in the air in Williamsburg, VA too – of course our temps are still higher than yours.


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