Testing. Testing.

Well her highness is chuckling. We said we wouldn’t write every day. And we are not. But when something dog-astrophic happens – we have to share. BTW – why do cats get the credit for earth shattering events? Mind you, the term catastrophe is not really all that positive. The cats can keep the term . And really, this story isn’t ALL bad…

But before our story – a HUGE sloppy lick and thank you for all your wonderful comments about my blog. We are humbled and grateful for your feedback. As her highness said- this started as a chihuahua and somehow morphed into a Saint Bernard. And the feeding requirements were very different. And now that her highness is “retired” – she is in a “no commitment” mode. For the next little while anyway. WE are her commitment. As it should be! But we WILL share – if the story arises. And you know us.

First- the bad news. I had a you-know-what. Her highness thinks she causes them. HOWEVER – it is more likely due to the fact that she “adjusted” one of my meds when she returned from her trip – because she was seeing more medication side effects. Like rear end weakness. I’m far from coordinated – although it didn’t interfere with a long-awaited game of fetch the other night (because the temperature had cooled off). Nor did my rear ended weakness prevent me from balancing on my back legs to counter surf- and get a mouthful from her highness’ bowl of cereal….

Anyway. I had a seizure at 2:30 AM. And unfortunately, peed during it. So, I was pretty rank the next morning. Rank by human standards anyway.

So her highness decided I need a bath. But first – a good brushing.

During the groom-a-thon, I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t make the already difficult task any easier. I had a TINY problem. I kept passing gas. I think it was too many blueberries the day before. Her highness mumbled that she should be wearing a gas mask. She’s so funny. Not.

Anyway, after the brushing it was time for the bath. She got me all lathered up. ALL lathered up. She’s about to start rinsing me off – and there’s a knock at the front door. The doorbell has been broken since I was a pup. Her highness freezes. She looks like she just got up – because she hasn’t even showered yet. A picture of raw beauty. Not to mention the fact that she is wet. And I look like an ad for bubble bath soap. She groans. Another knock.

By this time, Einstein is throwing himself at the door doing his best Cujo routine. Her highness scoops me in my soapy attire and puts me on the floor. I immediately roll in the dusty garage floor. She goes to the door to find the Power Company meter reader guy. Our meter is outside- in the dog yard – and the gate is locked. She opens the door a crack like some scary hermit and tells him she’ll open the gate. She runs Through the garage and outside to the dog yard and tugs at the horizontal wooden board that keeps the gate secure. As she goes to push open the gate, with the guy standing on the other side, out of nowhere comes a sopping wet, bubble soapy creature – who immediately tries to escape. The Power Company guy leaps backward – while her highness grabs me from behind.

She grabs me and as he goes the enter the fenced area, the board which her highness had propped up, falls, and narrowly missed hitting the guy on the head. I’ve never seen a meter reader guy move so quickly. Between strange looking soapy creatures, a scary, wet woman, the sounds of Cujo and boards falling on him, it is no wonder he wanted to leave. Quickly.

Just a normal day in our house….

As you can see, our blog has a new home. Hopefully this will be a more user friendly site. For us and for you. We still plan other changes….

Thank you again for your support. We will share our intermittent posts in Facebook- which will link to this site. You can subscribe and follow here – there is no fee – and you’ll get an email whenever we post. We have our very own URL: http://www.viktorsviews.com. Whatever that means. As I said, we will post intermittently. You never know when there will be a post. We could go for two weeks without posting – and then we may post for three days in a row. It all depends on our behavior…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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