Don’t waffle about reading this!

August 24. And it’s National Waffle Day. Of course it is.  When I looked up dogs and waffles, I found out several things:

1.  The term “dogwaffle” is actually used by some to describe the first waffle out of the waffle iron.  Apparently it’s called that because the first waffle is often not looking very appealing- so it goes to the dog.  Now.  I could be insulted that we are talking about the fact that we dogs are the recipients of “imperfect” items.  Like second class citizens.  BUT  we  talking about food – so that’s ok with me if we are fed first.  We don’t care the way our food looks.
2.  We dogs CAN eat waffles – but only in moderation because they are sweet and COULD play havoc with our digestion.
3.  There ARE waffle recipes for dogs.  And here is one:

So there you have your dog waffle trivia.  Oh wait – what did the angry waffle iron do?  He flipped.
 Don’t groan – remember- you heard it from a dog!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up-.  
Seizure free days: 17

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