We work hard

It’s August 5th and according to the crazy calendar, it’s Work Like a Dog Day.  I’ve talked about Military Working dogs, Assistance Dogs and Therapy dogs before. We talked about dogs that work as sniffer dogs, and herding dogs, and dogs that pull sleds.  I found a short video that demonstrates some of the jobs we dogs do: 


And let’s face it – ALL of us dogs work.  We work hard every day to protect our homes and most importantly- provide our humans with absolute, unconditional love.  That’s the main skill in our job description.  That’s why we are here!

Now some companies also allow dogs to come to work- and more are beginning to realize the benefits – like reducing stress and increasing productivity.  Studies have proven this the case.  But because not EVERYONE would want canines in the office (it’s hard to believe – I know!) – companies need to have guidelines in place.  They need to designate possible restricted areas – where dogs are not allowed as well as clean-up procedures.  Some places may only offer occasional dog friendly visits or weekly designated days.  Some places like Orvis and Purina go full-time – 5 days a week.  I hate to say it, but the university where my human worked was not overly dog friendly.  Yeah – they brought in Therapy Dogs for students during exam time – and that was a nice touch – but bringing Fido to Faculty meetings was a no no.  Or even to the office.  That’s really why she retired.   OK, maybe not the REAL reason – but that’s our story. And we are sticking to it.
Well- time for us canines to get to work – showing her highness some love.  We really should get a raise for our outstanding performance.  Who do I talk to about it?  We need a union…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 20

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