Satchmo. Psychics. And friends.

August 4.  And the birthday of the late great trumpet playing jazz legend – Louis Armstrong.  Did you know that the song, What a Wonderful World, was not made a hit during his lifetime?!  While he recorded and released it in 1967, four years before he passed away, it wasn’t until 1987, when it was played during the movie “Good Morning Vietnam” that love for the song blossomed – and is considered by many,  one of  his signature songs. That’s according to a site on the web. 

And what an appropriate song – given that he was a dog lover – so he had inspiration for the lyrics!  He reportedly was owned by a Boston Terrier named General.  He also reportedly enjoyed the company of dogs owned by friends.  
In addition to being Louis’ birthday, according to the crazy calendar, it is also Psychic Day. There are said to be  people who have a unique ability to communicate with us dogs- some refer to them as Animal Communicators and others call them Psychics.  One was even used with that dog who was lost in Cape Breton a week or so ago. Her highness would be worried to know what a psychic thinks we are thinking. She would prefer not to know what we are plotting.
We canines also have psychic abilities. There have been articles written about how we know things – like when you are coming home.  Some psychologists say that we are creatures of habit – so we predict things through previous experiences.  We also have super keen observational skills and an ability to interpret non verbal communication- like body posture and facial expression. So before you even SAY “treat” we know you are going to get one.  So scientists argue that we’re not REALLY psychic – but that our bond with humans and our observational abilities make it APPEAR we are psychic. Personally, I think those scientists are just AFRAID of whether we posssess psychic powers.  I’m sure many of you humans owned by dogs KNOW that we do….
Today also happens to be Friendship Day.  A day to celebrate special relationships we have with others who are technically not family.  My human has been blessed with friends who live near and far.  Those are the people who you cannot see for periods of time – but when you get together, or even talk on the phone, you take up right where you left off.  True friends are a very precious gift. I mean I think we dogs are your BEST friends- but there are some pretty special humans that you should always treasure.  And what’s cool about the internet, is the opportunity to connect with new friends all over the world.  Some you may just communicate with via the digital world – but you may still make special bonds.  And some you may even get to meet!  Like her highness has.  I would just like to point out that her highness has made lots of new friends – because of moi.  Yup – we canines are basically friend machines.  We not only provide friendship – but we even bring friends together.  We know when that amazing gift called friendship is needed.  Maybe because we’re psychic…
Anyway, my friends- take time today to reach out to your special friends today – human or canine.  And drop a line or send a greeting to someone you are lucky enough to call a friend. Consider this MY greeting to YOU!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 19

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