August 3.  And it’s National Watermelon Day.  The fruit that contains an alphabet of vitamins- A, C, B1 and B6.  A slice of watermelon contains about 50 calories – and it’s 92% water – so it’s a refreshing treat.  We dogs can eat watermelon- BUT the black seeds should be removed as they can cause intestinal blockages – and we shouldn’t eat the rind either.  But the fruit is good for us. In moderation – of course.  Too much could prevent P3 – Picture Perfect Poop.  Nobody wants soupy poops in a hot summer day. Mind you, nobody wants soupy poops ANY day.

You can put watermelon in a blender, mix it with a ratio of 1:1 water, and then freeze the mixture for yummy watermelon treats for us!  Or, if you’re lazy like her highness, just give it to us straight up.
Here’s a cute watermelon video.  I think we need to do one….
We also love blueberries- and we’ve been enjoying them lately.  Of course we PONs hardly taste them – they go down so fast – while the FG takes 30 seconds to chew one.  He IS getting better though – he doesn’t toss them around like he used to.  And pouncing on them (which is not really advisable) rarely happens any more.  He has finally, FINALLY figured out that anything that hits the floor will disappear like magic before he has a chance to taste it again. That Einstein is SUPER fast.  Clearly he is showing no slowing down with his cardiac issues.
In addition to tasty fruit, two of us quite enjoy chomping on each other.  The FG and Einstein have this daily chew routine- which her highness regularly breaks up after a few minutes.  If she doesn’t stop them, Einstein ends up with wicked mats and the FG ends up with a strange looking asymmetrical haircut.  It begins with the raucous jumping routine I posted the other day and then advances to this thing where they roll on top of each other and lick and chew ears, faces and feet. 

Meanwhile, I lounge and watch the entertainment.  
To stop the routine, her highness distracts them with some treats – including those blueberries.  I say keep on playing guys- you have her well trained.  
But then, that’s what we dogs do….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 18

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