August 1.  And it’s IPA Day. A day for humans to celebrate beer- India Pale Ale in particular.  IPA is described as having full bodied taste – and being both bold and bitter.  It’s a popular brew – and every micro-brewery in our area seems to have their own version.  

I know in lots of places, dogs are allowed in pubs – especially the UK.  Not so much here in Halifax, I must complain. Some restaurants with outdoor patios allow us canines to be outside. I DID find a beer garden downtown on the waterfront that allows pets.  I’m thinking we need to check it out.  One at a time.  Taking all three of us would end the dog friendly policy.
Meanwhile, I have managed to find a number of canine beers – so we dogs can have our own enjoyment at home!  Assuming they ship to Canada. Now keep in mind that we canines should really NOT drink human beer.  Sure – a sip won’t kill us – but in all seriousness, alcohol and dogs do not mix.  But the canine beers I found do not contain alcohol- so they are safe for us.  Here are several options: 
I’m hoping her highness can find some for us.  Even though they have no alcohol, we can pretend they do and it will give us a good excuse for our raucous behavior.  Sure it will.
I think we’ll have to stick to the biscuits:
We took that photo last year.  I was hoping the company would send us a bag of biscuits.  Nah.  But they liked the photo. Our modeling career has yet to take off.  
Time to go see if I can get some dog beer shipped.  With this heat, we really need a nice cold brew!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:16

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