Vet visit

It’s Friday!  Mind you, for retired humans and us canines, every day is Friday!

So Einstein had his vet appointment and his bloodwork done the other day.  They arrived and the waiting room was almost empty.  Bonus – my human thought.  That lasted about 4 minutes.  Then the place began to filll up.  She had situated Einstein on the bench closest to the door.  Bad move – what WAS she thinking?!  You know how zombies just open the door and let Cujo in, without even scoping out the place.  So as expected, a HUGE Black Russian Terrier came in and was literally nose to nose with Einstein.  Her highness politely said to the owners that it might be best to keep their dog out of Einstein’s face.  Einstein was initially shocked by the other dog, so didn’t make a peep.  As soon as the other dog was out of reach, Einstein started to grumble.  Her highness just looked at him and said “Knock it off.”  
As is becoming typical behavior, a cocker spaniel pooped in front of the reception desk.  At least it wasn’t projectile like the last time they were there.
Einstein behaved beautifully while the techs collected his blood.  Of course he did.
The results came back OK, but they are going to drop back one of his meds, because although all of his bloodwork was “normal”, his potassium was on the high side of normal.   But overall it was good.
And speaking of poop (don’t I do so fairly regularly-  no pun intended) we all got to relax with those butcher bones the other day.  Her highness had 30 minutes of peace while we gnawed away.  At the 30 minute mark, she promptly took away our goodies.  All of us has cleaned out the marrow so she wondered if we would have any gastro issues.  Nope- we were all good.  
Today we have excitement on the agenda.  A guy is coming to clean the furnace.  You can be sure we will be sequestered on the deck.  Oh yippee.  Einstein will have to bark out his instructions from there.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 10

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