Look into my eyes…

It’s July 25. Five months to Christmas. And it also happens to be Health and Happiness with Hypnosis Day. But you knew that, right?

So of course I had to look into dogs and hypnosis.  And from what I read, we canines are not “hypnotized” in the same way that humans are. With humans, hypnosis depends largely on verbal instructions and focused attention.  And it can help with a number of conditions – from fear of flying to quitting smoking. 
With animals, “hypnosis” is done with a much more physical approach. A number of resources on the net say that  chickens are the best subjects. But it can be used with dogs and cats too.  To “hypnotize” your dog you begin by interacting with him in a calm, relaxing environment with no distractions (that would be difficult in this house). You basically put the dog in a comfortable spot – like on his bed or a blanket. You then pet, and massage your dog while repeating a phrase like “relax” or our favorite line- “just be calm”. You can even play relaxing music.  Then you slowly shift your dog into a “submissive posiotion” on his back and gently hold him there until he totally relaxes.  You wait to see a state of “tonic immobility” where you can move your dog’s limbs – and they are basically limp.  
Animals will exhibit tonic immobility when they sense predators – as you can see in this video:
My human wishes she could hypnotize Einstein on the grooming table.  And let’s face it – some dogs DO relax like they are hypnotized when being groomed. But not in this house.  Maybe she needs to play some of this music:
When looking for info on dogs and hypnosis, I can across these videos.  In this case, it is the dog doing the hypnotizing.  My human got a huge chuckle out of these.  I think in the second video, the dog’s abilities are kind of debunked….
What a waste.  If I could hypnotize her highness, it wouldn’t be to make her sleep.  It would be to get her to open the biscuit jar.  And share the contents freely.  Now THAT would be a good trick.  Excuse me while I go and stare at her.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  9

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