July 23. And on this day in 1903, the Ford Motor company sold its first car.  Now we know that VW and Subaru have capitalized on canine popularity by featuring dogs in commercials.  I found one recent Ford commercial that briefly featured a Great Dane.  But that was it.  Except for this OLD commercial featuring a PON.  At least I’m saying it’s a PON:

Today also happens to be Hot Enough For Ya Day.  And it is.  Hot enough.  We are still voting for a heat pump because we are becoming hearing impaired due to the sounds of all the fans in this house.  Her highness says it’s not in the budget right now, unless we win a lottery.  I just ordered lotto tickets on-line.  With her credit card.
Despite the fact that we are all kind of slug-like with the heat, the FG and Einstein DO have moments of energy.  Here is a typical, peaceful morning in our house. Ignore the fact that Einstein is in desperate need of a good grooming.  Her highness said he’ll get one when our company leaves.  Einstein wants them to stay forever.
Despite Einstein’s wishes though, Lou and Rose will be heading on their driving tour today. We’ll get to see them next week again – before they fly back home.  I think we all need to go and visit them there!  Now THAT would be a road trip….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 7

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