Humans are truly the funniest species on earth.  We canines just love to observe them and shake our heads.

For example, in the winter they moan and groan that it is too cold, too icy, too snowy…they long for the warmth of the summer.  That is – if they live in a northern region.  Then, we have the summer and the temperatures are pretty hot.  So you guessed it – humans complain that it is too hot, too muggy, too humid….  Are they ever happy?  We dogs go with the flow.  We sit by a heater in the winter and head for the shade in the summer.  No point complaining.  Mind you if it stays super hot here – you MIGHT hear a complaint from me because we are getting no fetch time.  We’ll be playing in the dark when it’s cool.
Humans also do this funny thing if they wake up early in the morning.  At least her highness does.  She opens her eyes – but PRETENDS  to still be sleeping because she KNOWS if she makes a slight movement, there will literally be three dogs standing two inches from her face. So she fakes sleep to get a few extra minutes of rest.  Some days we play along with her game – and other days we ignore her – and it’s game on.  The FG will poke her legs with his nose, while I attempt to sit on her chest.  Einstein starts singing the “good morning” song.  We act like we haven’t seen her in days.  No need for an alarm clock with us.
Yesterday the humans went to the Farmers Market and bought all kinds of goodies.  And get this – cousin Lou did the cooking.  Yup – the nonagenarian did the cooking – with just a little help from his Sous-chefs.  He is quite the gourmet – a super foodie.  There are probably few foods he has not tried – and very few cookbooks that he doesn’t own.  So he marinated and barbecued lamb.  While we canines drooled. 
Today the humans may do a short day trip – while we canines do guard duty.  They are cramming in lots of fun things – because Lou and Rose leave for other parts of Nova Scotia on Tuesday.  Family time is fun time – they are so grateful for their time together.  
Time to get ready for guard duty. We drew straws (paper ones – not plastic) and the FG got the first shift.  As he silently observes the crazy bunnies…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 5

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