Fire safety. And wax.

July 15.  And it’s National Pet Fire Safety Day. This is a serious subject –  because according to the American Red  Cross and the US Fire Administration, “an estimated 500,000 pets annually” are affected by fires – in the US alone.  There are two excellent recommendations to keep your canine safe in the event of a fire:  have a plan for an escape route – and place a sign or fire safety sticker in a front window indicating the number of pets inside – so that firefighters know who to look for.  

Of course you also want to employ other safety features – like smoke alarms.  You need to be careful when using candles if you have pets as an accidental collision with a burning candle could have a very bad outcome.
The Halifax Kennel Club – to which her highness belongs , once had a project to supply pet oxygen masks to local fire departments.  Human masks do not work well with pets – masks designed for “pet heads” are much more beneficial for both dogs and cats.
If you are a member of a kennel club, or dog group, starting a project to equip fire trucks is a super useful idea.  
And speaking of safety and candles, her highness did day two of her art class.  She did something called encaustic art.  It’s a centuries old technique involving “painting” with hot, colored bees wax.  The wax is heated and is in liquid form, and when it is brushed on a piece of wood, it immediately hardends.  You can then build up the wax and add things to your art to give it “texture” and dimension- like photos, pieces of string, buttons, leaves, coins, etc.
Well.  I have to be honest.  We are not going to be making any extra money in this household from her highness’s art.  She did 5  pieces over the weekend.  Look – I love her – but they are no Rembrandts.  I could have probably chewed a couple of candles and done an equally interesting job.  But we tried to look enthused when she came home.  I was hoping she would have done one of us- but now I’m glad she didn’t.  We would likely be unrecognizable.   Too bad she didn’t embed dog biscuits in the wax.  We could have helped recycle them.  
I suppose this art stuff is part of retirement.  Humans try new things.  I guess it could have been worse- we could have been booked for an obedience class….
Anyway, have a good, safe wax-free day.
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  37

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