The magic carpet. Not.

We have this indoor outdoor carpet outside our front door.  It manages to grab a lot of leaves and dirt when we come in the from our walks. It has stood the test of time in all seasons and has been covered in snow and shoveled more times than I can count. So after all these years, her highness was thinking it was time for a replacement.

The carpet is 4×6 feet in size.  It fits perfectly in the entry way.  Her highness measured it with a tape measure and everything.  Problem was – she should have taken one of us along when she went shopping.
The first carpet she brought home looked really nice. Perfect pattern and colors. She could hardly wait to unroll it as Einstein barked out orders from inside.  We could not be part of the unrolling.  Ever try to unroll a carpet with three assistant canines? Epic failure. One gets on the carpet. She tells him to move. He does and two more get on.  She pulls the carpet while we stand on it like Aladdin waiting for it to take off.  Yeah – carpet movement and canines is not a great idea.
Anyway, she drags the old carpet out of the way and ceremoniously unrolls the new carpet. It doesn’t fit.  Hello?  “Somebody” didn’t read the label CAREFULLY.  It says 4x 6’7”.   Yup. 7 inches too much.  The carpet gets rolled up and returned.
Round 2.  She’s at the grocery store and they have a section with seasonal items-,gardening things and furniture for your deck. And there are carpets.  She finds one she LOVES.   But- its only 3×4.  Well it won’t be too big. And the price was right. She brings it home and we again watch the unrolling.  It fits.  But it looks dinky.  The old carpet is dragged back into place.
This time, instead of returning it, she decides it COULD go on the back deck.  In front of the entrance to the door.  The door with the dog entrance through the screen.  She puts it down and we all go to inspect it.  The FG immediately rubs his face in it.  We are all fascinated with this new bit of decor.
We go in and out all day. We love our dog door. And we love being on the new carpet. That evening, when it gets dark, her highness closes the glass door to the deck. So it isn’t until the next morning that she sees the carnage.
“Someone” has chewed the entire length  of the carpet.  Well – at least someone chewed one end and the rest of the binding came off with a good tug.  Her highness took one look at it and heaved it over the deck railing to the ground below. 
She suspects the FG.   He’s the most likely suspect.  It does have his m.o. all over it.  But in all fairness…she didn’t SEE HIM doing it.  Maybe Einstein did it – and made it LOOK like the FG did it.  Or maybe I did it….Who knows.  It’s a mystery.  And I’m not telling who done it….I just think I should go with her the next time she goes carpet shopping.  I would get the RIGHT one. 
Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the FG’s visit to the vet. No carpets there. And it’s a good thing….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up. 
Seizure free days:  33

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