Not a great day…

Well.  Yesterday was not a great day…

It began with a suspension.  My human’s.  Let me begin this story by saying she is not a suspension type person.  In fact, she’s never been suspended.  From school or elsewhere.  She’s pretty much a rule follower.  She’s never even had a speeding ticket!  Mind you – that’s largely due to luck.  But she’s never had a parking ticket.  OK- the meter HAS run out a few times – and she DID have to pay for that – but she’s never had a ticket for parking in a no parking zone. She doesn’t do it.
I’m not sure if she has had overdue library books – but certainly not any amount that would have her “suspended.”  She’s no saint – she’s just boring.
So imagine her reaction when she got an email from the Google Ad people – telling her that my ad account on my blog was SUSPENDED for 30 days.  The reason?  They say her highness clicked on the ads on my blog.  Which is “illegal.”  Not illegal in the law sense – but it’s a frowned upon activity.  I’m here as her witness to tell you she has never clicked my ads.  Ever.  Apparently, if “illegal activity” is found on a site, it results in suspension.  And if you click your own ads, it’s illegal.  
The problem is that there is no appeal process for “illegal activity.”  No judge,  no jury – you are presumed guilty and have to do your time.  So we are in suspension mode for 30 days.  Luckily they don’t take her to jail.  That would be awful.  Who would feed us?!
Apparently there are other “illegal activities.”  So – IF they let us have ads again, please don’t click on anything- unless you are at least remotely interested in the site.  Who knew that repeated clicking of the ads is discouraged.   I guess they are there for decoration. 
I understand if companies PAY people to click ads (which apparently some do!) – or if someone employs robotic software that continually clicks ads that would inflate ad interest – it could result in huge earnings for some companies who use ads- but I’m not sure how, if someone sees an ad for a pet store on my blog, and they click on it – even after several days- it can be considered “illegal.”  Someone COULD be interested in a product and they are reminded about it when they look at the blog.  Anyway, they did NOT say that was the reason for her suspension.  But something to consider in the future.  
The challenge is that there is no human to discuss the problem with.  There is no chat line.  No phone number.  Google doesn’t REALLY exist.  
Bottom line, my human did NOT click her own ads.  We want representation!!! Her only recourse is to consult an on-line community of others who use ads- and ask for their help. Someone in the forum suggested that someone ELSE in our household was using my human’s computer and IP address and perhaps that  “someone” was clicking on the ads.  Don’t look at me.  I just dictate the blog- I’m not computer savvy enough to click the ads.  Although I DID see Einstein at the desktop the other day…
So that blog news wasn’t great.  Mind you, it’s not the end of the world.  We will survive. It’s rather exciting living with a suspended woman.  I think I’ll start calling her the fugitive.  We’ll have to keep her in line.  
There was also a vet visit yesterday….Tune in for news about that tomorrow….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  28

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