Road trip. For the FG.

She is leaving us.  And taking the FG with her…

We knew something was up with all the cleaning going on the past few days.  That’s always a telltale sign that something is about to happen.  Then when our dog sitter extraordinarie arrived last night, we knew why the place was so clean.
We love our sitter, Char.  She KNOWS dogs very VERY well – so we are in very good hands.  In fact, she knows SO much about dogs, she is an interesting human to train.  She’s smart and doesn’t dole out treats for no reason.  I actually work for my treats. Can you imagine?   She’s super nice, and gives me TONS of belly rubs but she’s no pushover.   Char’s kind of the “Border Collie” of humans – quick to learn and fast on responses.  She is the PERFECT sitter for any dog – but especially for clever dogs like us PONs.  She’s also a much-in-demand sitter- she must have liked us the last time she was here – because she came back.  Guess I had better be on good behavior…My human feels totally at ease when she leaves us with Char.
As for the FG – he and her highness are apparently headed to Quebec to visit the FG’s breeder.  I told him he is being returned.  You should have seen the look on his face.
But he is NOT being returned.  It seems the FG’s half brother became a Dad – to a lovely treasury (litter) of  eight beautiful Picard puppies.  And before you read ANY further – NO – they are not bringing one home.  I mean can you imagine this zoo with another canine kid?!  No – they are just going to pay a visit.
Given that Einstein and I have been on several road trips over the years, I guess it’s only fair that the FG get one.  PLUS, Glenda the dog whisperer is going with them.  She’s another Border Collie human.  She’ll keep the FG in line – no shenanigans in the hotel room.  They better take pictures.
Meanwhile,  we’ll hang out with Char and guard the plantation.  No veggies yet.  I wonder how long it will be before Mr. Rabbit finds the buffet.  We’ll keep watching.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 10

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