Another birthday

June 10.  And it’s the birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh- or better known as Prince Philip – husband to Queen Elizabeth.  He turns 98 today.  98!!  And it appears he is as witty as ever, although his driving skills may have deteriorated just a bit!  But it’s not like he can’t find somebody to give him a lift. 

We have talked about the Queen’s love for dogs – and her years of breeding corgis.  I searched for Prince Philip’s opinion about canines and couldn’t find much – but from photos it appears that he has enjoyed being surrounded by four legged friends. Dogs and royals appear to go together- here’s a cool site with lots of photos of royals throughout history with some of their canine kids:
So we wish Prince Philip a very Happy Birthday today!  Cheers!  We’ll be sure to celebrate here and have an extra treat just for him.  
OK.  Let’s face it. Every day is SOMEBODY’S  birthday – and we canines are ALWAYS ready to party….We never need an excuse for extra treats…Have a happy Monday!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up .
Seizure free days: 2

2 thoughts on “Another birthday

  1. Hello there, I really like your stories 🙂 you are quit busy dogs….happy birthday Paxton, and don't make life to difficult for your human Frodo, Victor and Paxton…hihi Greetinfgs from Holland, human Jolanda and PON Jip


  2. Hi Jolanda and Jip! Thank you for your message – and for reading our crazy stories! We do try to behave – but it's tough. But it does make life interesting! Thanks again! Viktor, Frodo and Paxton – and oh yes – their human Linda : )


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